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online walking partners two women buddies

4 places where you can find walking partners online

Walking is great exercise, but you may find it's just not the same without a buddy to keep you motivated. Here's how to find a good walking buddy near you.
supplements stop sugar cravings woman

A comprehensive guide to supplements that stop sugar cravings

Sugar carries a range of health risks—that's no secret. And yet, it can be hard to get the sweet stuff out of our diets. These supplements may be able to help.
iron supplements fatigued woman fatigue

What you need to know about taking iron supplements if you’re fatigued

Fatigue is a common doctor's office complaint, and can have many causes. One of these potential causes is iron deficiency. Here's how to address the problem.
tennis health benefits woman

5 surprising health benefits of tennis to consider

Tennis is a lower-impact way to reap lots of health benefits, no matter whether you're younger or older. Here are five surprising benefits of playing tennis.
adaptogens stress benefits bowl

Why adaptogens are great for people with a lot of stress

Adaptogens are a group of herbal pharmaceuticals believed by many to help relieve stress. But what does the science say about the benefits and potential risks?
workouts during summer tired runner

How to workout outside in the middle of summer

The summer months are ideal of exercising outdoors—but don't let the heat get to you. Follow these steps to understand heat-related issues and how to fix them.
woman eating green

Eating green: The best foods to help you help the planet

The foods you eat can help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions—even more so than buying an electric car. These steps can make all make big impacts right away.
natural remedies heartburn man

How to get rid of heartburn with natural remedies

Heartburn is one of the most bothersome (and common) conditions in America. Looking for a therapeutic alternative to medication? Try these easy home remedies.
netflix fitness documentaries bethany hamilton 1

3 fitness documentaries on Netflix to inspire your next workout

Netflix has a wide selection of documentaries on a range of topics, including many inspiring films about fitness or sports. These three films are the best.
best workout podcasts running woman headphones runner

7 best workout podcasts to listen to when running

We can all use a little extra motivation and entertainment when we're out on a run. Find your perfect digital running companion in one of these seven podcasts.
league sport benefits team sports group

Now is the time to join a league sport — here’s why

With more people getting outside and with most in-home workouts not fulfilling a need for social interaction, it may be time to revisit classic team sports.
best salt substitutes man blood pressure

7 best salt substitutes that taste just as flavorful

Salt is a common part of many prepared foods and a staple on many a dinner table. But it also carries health risks. Here are seven salt-free substitutes to try.
best swim gear woman goggles adjust

The best swim gear for a more effective workout

Swimming is a popular exercise for all fitness and age levels. Take your swim to the next level with these 6 essential pieces of gear (wearable tech included).
best weight loss exercises outdoor pushups routine

4 fantastic weight-loss exercises you can do in your own backyard

So many fitness activities now happen indoors. But exercising outside can improve health and well-being. These 4 exercises are perfect for your own backyard.
walking lunge how to woman

How to do a walking lunge correctly

Walking lunges can bring a host of fitness benefits, including building functional strength. Here's a guide on how to correctly and safely do a walking lunge.
outdoor dates woman river cleanup

4 great outdoor date activities to try before it gets too hot

More people are leaving their homes and looking for some outdoor fun. Plan a date now with your special someone before the temperatures (and crowds) swell.
trust friendship warning signs distrustful woman

8 warning signs you shouldn’t trust a so-called friend

An unreliable or untrustworthy friend can hurt our long-term well-being. But how do you know if they can't be trusted? Look out for these eight warning signs.
fourth of july binge burgers

How to recover from your Fourth of July binge

July Fourth celebrations are lively events full of good food and good times. What happens if you overdo it at the buffet? Here's your road map to recovery.
best fitness apps friends group women

The best fitness apps you can use with friends

Fitness apps can sometimes feel solitary, but experts have long said working out with friends can be a big motivator. Here are 5 apps you can use with a friend.
online workout subscriptions yoga couple home

Good, better, best: Online workout subscriptions as good as the gym

There is a sea of apps and services for people who are working out at home more frequently. Which are the best? We waded through to find our three best bets.
best apps swimming workouts woman in pool

5 best apps for swimming workouts you need right now

You may not think of swimming when you think of fitness apps, but there are a raft (no pun intended) of apps designed for newer and veteran swimmers alike.
stop sugar cravings woman cupcake

4 useful ways to stop sugar cravings for good

Science shows us that sugar can be as addictive as hard drugs. You can end sugar cravings and break your addiction to sugar by following these five easy tips.
jealous friends tips female friend

3 useful tips to deal with a jealous friend more effectively

Jealousy between friends can be extremely toxic. Here are some tips and tactics for both recognizing and addressing jealous behavior when it causes problems.
fathers day gifts surprise

5 amazing Father’s Day gift ideas your dad will love

How many golf clubs and neckties does your father really need? Put the fun back in Father's Day with these five unusual and thoroughly enjoyable gift ideas.
fathers day self care dog

6 thoughtful Father’s Day activities to do when you’ve lost your dad

Holidays can be tough if you've lost someone, and that certainly applies to Father's Day. Here are six easy ways to honor your dad in his absence.
best fish oil supplement woman capsule

Look for these 3 things before buying a fish oil supplement

Omega-3 fatty acids are critical to your health, and fish oil is one of the most popular ways to get them. Here's what to know before you shop for a supplement.
plant protein muscles based burgers

How to get enough plant protein to build muscle

Protein doesn't just come from animal sources. You can get healthy and build muscle with plant-based protein. It just requires a little planning and knowledge.
keep fruits veggies fresh woman fridge produce

How to keep fruits and veggies fresh for weeks

The average American household wastes more than $1,800 of food per year. Much of this comes from fruits and vegetables. Here are tips for how to make them last.
effective weight loss tips woman exercising warm weather

7 effective ways warm weather can help you lose weight

The thermometer is no magic bullet, but dieters and clean eaters may enjoy several advantages when the weather turns warm. Here are 7 safe weight-loss tips.
best late night snacks woman snack

6 healthy late-night snacks if you can’t resist the urge

Late-night snacking is often seen as an enemy of good eating habits. While it can indeed do more harm than good, these six midnight snacks can be beneficial.
percussion massage gun benefits massager woman

Why you should add a percussion massage gun to your fitness routine

You may have heard of percussion massagers, the trendy alternative to traditional massage methods. Should you make an investment? Here's what you need to know.
biotin supplement hair woman red

Why biotin is the supplement you need for gorgeous hair

Millions have turned to biotin in hopes it will help make their hair stronger, fuller, and more beautiful. Here's why supplements may be your best biotin bet.
gardening workouts woman workout

How to turn gardening into a workout (yes, really!)

Gardening may not be top of mind when it comes to exercise, but it can be a great workout for both moderate- and high-intensity activity. Here's how to do it.
best collagen sources woman healthy skin

8 natural sources of collagen you can add to your diet today

Collagen has been shown to be important to healthy skin, especially as we age. A number of foods can help produce collagen. These 8 foods are among the best.
virtual date ideas unique crates

4 fun virtual date ideas you probably haven’t tried

Dating can be challenging when it happens through a screen. We've curated four virtual date ideas you may not have tried before, to help you spice it up.