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Have these healthy snack foods on hand for when cravings hit

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The key to a good snack? Portability. Taste and nutrition are obviously important as well, but if you’re on the go, a microwave meal or frozen treat won’t do you much good.

Whether you love sweet, crunchy snacks, or fresh, tart fruit, there are so many delicious and nutritious snacks available that will give you the energy you need to take on the day. All the foods below are healthy, delicious, and easy to stow away in your bag or car. These snacks are great for a between-meal pick-me-up, but if you’re feeling extra hungry or sluggish, carve out some extra time in your day for a full lunch.

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Something sweet

Sweet snacks are sure to boost your energy, but excessive amounts of added sugar can result in a sugar crash. Luckily, there’s a great selection of naturally sweet treats that deliver relief when the donuts are calling.

  • Granola: The basics of granola are oats, nuts, and a sweetener, ideally something natural like maple syrup or honey. After that, you’re only limited by your imagination. Try adding dried fruit and dark chocolate for an extra dose of protein and antioxidants.
  • Dried fruit: It may not be as fun as a box of cookies, but if you give it a chance, dried fruit is a terrific addition to any diet, especially for those looking for a sweet pick-me-up. All of your favorite fruits have dehydrated options including raisins, dried cranberries, and banana chips. Dried apricots are among our favorite options, as they pack more potassium per serving than bananas or spinach.
  • Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is an easily portable snack that’s sweet and full of antioxidants. Dark chocolate may be the best example of a happy medium between delicious and nutritious.
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Something savory

If you’ve got a hankering for a salty, savory snack, here are some of the best brain-boosting options for your snack cabinet:

  • Jerky: This dehydrated snack comes in a variety of flavors like peppered, teriyaki, and jalapeno. While beef jerky is one of the most common options, jerky can also be made from bison, turkey, meatless alternatives, and even fish.
  • Nuts: These protein-packed snacks are full of micronutrients, with almonds and walnuts being among the most nutritious. Unfortunately, nuts can be pretty expensive, so if you’re working with a tight budget, opt for peanuts, which are among the less expensive options.
  • Popcorn: Whether you go the classic route and make it on the stove or grab a bag of Smartfood from the store, popcorn is a very versatile snack. This is the perfect choice for idle snacking, as you can munch through three cups of plain popcorn and only rack up about 100 calories.
  • Kale chips: Put down the potato chips and try this nutritional powerhouse. Kale chips come in all of your favorite chip flavors and have a delicate, crispy texture. Because of kale’s superfood status, you can polish off the whole bag, guilt-free.

No matter the nature of your hankering, there are sweet and savory snacks that can satisfy your cravings and fill your body with crucial nutrients. These snacks all are easy to carry around, which further cements their status as junk food busters. Instead of hitting the vending machine, keep some of these snacks in your car or carry-on bag to munch on throughout the day. Snack with confidence with these healthy, delicious snacks. No one is saying you can’t have a candy bar every now and again, but keep in mind that there are more nutritious, filling snacks that will keep your brain and body energized all day long.

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