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ten k steps fitness woman fitbit

10K steps is a lie — here’s what you need to do to stay healthy

The FitBit craze has spread the idea that 10,000 steps per day is a fitness silver bullet. But the number is arbitrary and not always the best fitness option.
immune system supplementation vitamin c supplement

Now is the time to boost your immune system — these 4 supplements will help

All of our immune systems need a boost sometimes. Whether you're treating a cold or stopping one before it starts, these four nutritional supplements can help.
best fitness apps woman using app

The 5 best fitness apps that are actually worth buying

Fitness apps can help beginners and seasoned exercise pros alike track their progress and reach their fitness goals. These 5 pay apps are worth the investment.
paleo keto diet kitchen

Paleo or keto: Which is right for you?

Both the paleo and keto diets have been shown to help people lose weight and improve health. But which one is the right one for you?
best running shoes flat feet couple together

3 amazing running shoes if you’ve got flat feet

Fallen arches or "flat feet" can cause discomfort and mess up your stride. We've scoured the web to find the three running shoes that are best for flat feet.
peeling ginger unpeeled

Why you should stop peeling your ginger

Ginger is a unique ingredient, but those knobby roots are a pain to peel. Put down the spoon and the paring knife and leave the peel on to save time and energy.
healthy lunches ten minutes making lunch wrap

4 delicious, healthy lunches you can make in under 10 minutes

Working from home? Pressed for time? All four of these lunch recipes are healthy and can easily be ready to eat in 10 minutes or even less. No muss, no fuss.
swimming workout benefits woman

Why you should incorporate swimming into your workout routine

The modern fitness world can be complex. But swimming is a fairly simple addition that can provide a surprising range of health benefits for any fitness level.
best spring date ideas couple farmers market

3 amazing spring date ideas that you can do outside

Spring is a wonderful time for romance and dating, but sometimes the familiar ideas like picnics can seem a little cliche. Try these fresh date ideas instead.
trampoline workout thirty minute woman yard

We did this 30-minute trampoline workout — and it really works

A trampoline can also be a great tool for trendy high-intensity interval training, with a lower impact on the joints. Here's our favorite 30-minute workout.
best healthy meal delivery services woman service

Good, better, best: Healthy meal delivery services worth getting

Healthy meal delivery services are popular these days. Some are worth an investment, others less so. We've done the research to find the best delivery services.
jump rope cardio man woman jumping

Now is the best time to add a jump rope to your cardio exercise

Jumping rope isn't just for boxers and grade schoolers. It's a major powerhouse for cardio and calorie burning. Here's the lowdown and tips for getting started.
how to apologize woman apologizing

How to apologize to someone you’ve hurt so they know you mean it

Apologizing for a mistake can be difficult. But it can make all the difference in a relationship -- if done correctly. Here's how to apologize like you mean it.
ashwagandha benefits ashwaghanda root capsules

Why you should consider taking ashwagandha for anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress affect tens of millions of Americans. Ashwagandha is a popular supplement for various health issues, including anxiety. But does it work?
Almond butter

These peanut butter alternatives are just as great

You or someone you're close to may have a peanut allergy. If so, peanut butter as to go. These no-peanut butter spreads will help keep the fun in the pantry.
mothers day gifts flowers green

Green gift ideas your mom will love this Mother’s Day

As awareness of our planet's health grows, so too does interest in sustainable products. Make Mother's Day gifts more thoughtful with a green gift for Mom.
A woman eats popcorn at her desk

Have these healthy snack foods on hand for when cravings hit

The key to healthy snacking is keeping snacks handy for when cravings strike. Here we've listed some delicious and healthy options that can go wherever you do.
agave versus honey dripping

Agave vs. honey: Which should you use?

Agave nectar and honey are popular now as natural sugar substitutes. Which one is better for cooking or health? We sorted it out with a head-to-head breakdown.
A woman doing tabata

Now is the time to work tabata training into your workout routine

Tabata training is all the rage among novice and expert exercisers alike. Here are the basics on Tabata, its benefits and how it gets results in just minutes.
A woman eating vegan protein

10 easy ways for vegans to get protein in their diets

Plant-based diets are gaining popularity, but getting enough protein can be a challenge. Here's a range of easy, tasty options for increasing vegan protein.
dating app privacy shady man

Dating apps are leaking your personal data to the highest bidder

Dating apps have made headlines recently for selling or failing to protect sensitive user information. Here's how to protect your personal data.
mothers day celebration gestures

4 Mother’s Day ideas that are better than gifts

Sometimes on Mother's Day, it's the little things that count most. Here are the best ways to show Mom you care, without the same old teddy bears and candy.
erythritol versus stevia spoon leaf

Erythritol vs. stevia: Health benefits, calories, and more

Erythritol is a zero-calorie sugar alchol. Stevia is natural option for sugar substitution. Which one reigns supreme in terms of carbs and health benefits?
easy vegan recipes woman cooking pot

The best vegan recipes anyone can whip up in a flash (even beginners)

Vegan cooking does not have to be complicated. Even beginners can master these three short and simple recipes.
shishito peppers appetizer

Are shishito peppers good for you? Here’s what you need to know

Shishito peppers are increasinly showing up on restaurant tables across the nation. Here's how they stack up from a nutritional standpoint vs. other appetizers.
A woman plays virtual games

Swipe right on these virtual dating tips

Virual dating can sometimes be a bit of a slog, especially in the social distancing era. But take heart: These date ideas can add the spark back to swiping.
A woman eats brain-healthy salmon

Don’t forget: These brain-healthy foods improve memory

Memory loss affects tens of millions of Americans. A lot of factors are involved, but with these specific super foods, you can help improve your brain health.
long distance relationships advice woman relationship

4 key tips to help make a long-distance relationship last

Long-distance relationships are not uncommon. If both partners are committed, there is no reason they can't work. Follow these 4 pieces of advice for success.
eating healthy transition family moving day

Follow these tips for healthy eating on moving day

No one looks forward to moving day. Eating proper foods in between trips to the moving van can be tricky, but if done right you can make it easy and healthy.
usda dietary guidelines grandparents grandchild eating

What you need to know about the USDA dietary guidelines

The federal government has released new dietary guidelines, and for the first time they focus on specific age groups. Here are the key points you need to know.
jealousy relationship issues couple man jealous

Feeling jealous in your relationship? Here’s how to fix it

Figuring out the root cause of jealousy is the first step in fixing the problem. Here we go over the triggers of jealousy and how you can best address them.
A woman eating dried apricots

10 foods with more potassium than bananas

If you don't like bananas, these potassium sources are even better. We've found 10 fruits, vegetables, and legumes that all pack a serious potassium punch.
A woman feels out of place

FOMO is real: What to do when you feel left out

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is getting more widespread in the age of social media. But what to do about it? These tips and tactics can help you work through it.
A group makes small talk

5 small talk topics that keep the conversation flowing naturally

These days, it can be hard to find a safe conversation topic. These are several ways to create fun and engaging small talk—without resorting to the weather.
virtual date ideas social distancing woman park

3 incredible date ideas that are perfect for social distancing

These 3 socially distanced date ideas will get you off the couch, all while enjoying your date's company.