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woman applying the best eczema lotion on dry skin

The best lotions for eczema in 2024

Are you struggling with eczema? Discover how a specially designed lotion for eczema can help soothe and relieve your dry, itchy skin.
best gentle face cleanser

The best gentle face cleansers of 2024

A doctor writing the words "laser resurfacing".

What is laser skin resurfacing and should you try it?

A set of nails with fun nail art.

Do you do your nails at home? Try these three highest-rated nail polish strips

Natural nail polish

10 fun fall nail trends you should try right now

Two women in winter wear with glowing skin.

The 7 best (and worst) foods for your skin

A woman applying lotion to her face outside in the winter.

Why you need to use sunscreen in the winter, too

A man patting his face dry with a towel.

Why you should invest in a humidifier to maximize moisture for your skin

the best nail files file

5 fantastic foundational tools for at-home nail care

the best feminine wash

5 essential beauty tools for your self care routine

A woman applying a skin care product

5 ways to revamp your beauty routine

Closeup of woman in winter snowstorm with hands on face

Why you need to change your skincare routine this winter

make your own lip mask for chapped lips

This DIY lip mask is exactly what you need for chapped lips

DIYers will love this make-at-home lip mask that will leave your lips moist, smooth, and luscious
Woman receiving touchless facial

What does the future of the spa look like?

What will the spa of the future look like? Will COVID push us to touchless treatments and will they be worth it?
A light therapy treatment mask.

What you need to know about ultraviolet light therapy for acne

If you are considering ultraviolet light therapy to treat your acne, you should read this first.
A women showing off her smooth feet.

Try these 4 best foot peels of 2021 to keep cracked heels at bay

Your feet can get calloused and dry during the winter months. Try these foot peels to keep them soft and smooth.
a beauty shot of a woman who is touching her chin

Better skin while you sleep: The best overnight skin care treatments for winter

Improving your skin while you sleep is easy when you use products with the right ingredients. We tell you what to look for.
A happy woman wearing a winter sweater.

6 tips for taking care of your skin in the winter

Follow these tips to keep your skin healthy during the winter.
woman with a turtleneck pulled over her face

The 6 reasons your skin gets so dry in the winter

We all know our skin gets dry in the winter. By why does it happen and what can we do about it?
A woman holding up a glass of water.

How drinking water impacts skin health during winter

Does drinking water help your skin? We tell you everything you need to know.
A man holding a hand to his face.

The complete guide to men’s winter skin care

Here's everything guys need to know to keep their skin healthy in the winter.
One woman putting a bad of lotion on another woman's face in the winter.

The complete guide to women’s winter skin care

Here's everything you need to know about taking care of your skin in the winter.
a close up of a woman's lips

How you can prevent ‘lip eczema’ and protect your lips this winter

Lips need extra protection during winter. We show you the best products to use to keep them soft and healthy.
a flat lay of skincare products on white background

Should you use serum as part of your winter skin care routine?

We talk about how vitamin C and other serums may help you in the winter.
A woman out in the winter weather putting on hand cream.

5 best moisturizing hand creams to combat winter dryness

Here are some of the best moisturizing hand creams you can use to combat winter dryness.
use this instead of shaving cream young woman legs

Stop buying shaving cream and use these products you already have instead

Use this instead of shaving cream for a better shave
A woman holding a lotion bottle.

Our favorite 6 natural body lotions are all under $10

We spend a lot of time looking at natural products for our faces. Let's give the rest of our bodies some love.
A woman putting on lip balm.

You definitely want to check out these 5 vegan lip balms

Vegan lip balms are a great cruelty-free way to keep your lips healthy. Here's a few we really like.
A woman wearing a face mask pointing at her chin acne.

How to get rid of maskne – chin acne caused by your mask

Masking is important for the health of our bodies, but can wreak havoc on our skin. We tell you how to get rid of the acne on your chin caused by your mask.
closeup of woman wearing a red hat with beach in background

3 ways to keep your summer glow

Just because we said goodbye to summer doesn't mean you have to give up that glow that makes you feel so good. We show you how to hold on to the shimmer.
Fall nail polish colors and fall leaves.

Get a jump on the hottest nail colors for fall 2021

Get a jump on the hottest nail colors for fall. Some may surprise you.
Organic ingredients on a circular tray.

6 best natural ingredients for skin you should try

When it comes to your skin, natural is best. Check out these products that will give you a healthy glow without chemicals.
A woman holding up a bottle of face toner and a cotton pad to use.

Demystifying toner: The 411 on what it is and choosing the best one for you

There's lots of talk about the importance of using toner as part of your skincare routine, but what is it and how do you know what's best for you?
Waxing tools with some floral decor.

Sugaring vs Waxing: Which is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair

Is sugaring or waxing better for removing unwanted hair? We get to the root of the issue
An aisle of Korean beauty products.

K-pop is fun, but what about K-beauty? The safety of products sourced in Korea

Korean skincare products are becoming increasingly popular partly because of their exotic ingredients. But are they safe?