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The complete guide to men’s winter skin care

Women aren’t the only ones who need to have a solid skincare routine for the cold months. Both men and women experience itchy skin, dryness, and rough patches when the frosty air takes its toll. If you’re a guy and don’t want to deal with uncomfortable tightness, cracking, and peeling all winter long, then you need to get your winter skincare lineup in order now.

A man putting on face cream.

What should men use on their faces in the winter?

During the winter it’s all about moisturizing. To combat the drying caused by colder weather you need a great moisturizer and a hydrating face cleanser.

Face wash

For the winter you want to look for a face wash specifically for dry skin. Those that replenish your skin’s natural oils are best. Face washes with oils like olive and jojoba will restore your skin’s natural barrier while getting rid of bacteria and dirt.


Look for products with green tea and aloe vera. You want to stay away from anything with a synthetic fragrance, which will further dry your skin out. Make sure you apply moisturizer twice a day, after your shower and either in the morning or before bed.

Beard oil

Many men grow a beard to help protect their faces during winter. If you’re one of them, you need to keep that beard soft. Choose a beard oil that has ingredients like jojoba, olive, coconut, sunflower, and argan oils, which will help moisturize not only the beard but the skin underneath.

What is the best facial cleanser for aging skin?

If you are worried about aging skin in the winter, there are face cleansers that can draw out impurities and smooth uneven skin. The best facial cleanser for aging skin is one that rebuilds the moisture barrier. Antioxidants will improve your skin’s elasticity and soothe any irritations.

Which is the best face wash for daily use?

Some cleansers dry your face when you use them every day. In the winter, that can spell disaster for your skin. You need a daily face wash that has hydrating ingredients to keep your skin from flaking and peeling.

Look for ingredients like sage leaf, chamomile, and aloe to nurture your skin so you can be confident to step right into that frigid air without worrying about your skin becoming irritated.

A man washing his face in the bathroom.

What do facial cleansers do?

  • Moisturize
  • Hydrate

A facial cleanser and a face wash are not the same. A facial cleanser draws out pollutants and impurities clogging up your pores while leaving your skin more moisturized. They do clean your skin, but they also exfoliate and hydrate.

Face cleansers are better for the dryer skin that comes with winter. They contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid that hydrate your skin.

Should I exfoliate my face in the winter?

You most definitely still need to exfoliate in the winter to remove dead skin cells caused by flaking and natural skin turnover. You want a moisturizer that penetrates deeply to protect your skin in the winter and they won’t work as well if there is a barrier of dead skin cells in their way.

How can I exfoliate my face in winter?

Move away from the scrubs and rubs that you would use in the summer. A gentle chemical exfoliant will still remove the dead skin, dirt, and excess oil without rubbing your skin raw. Chemical exfoliants use hydroxy, glycolic, and salicylic acid to clean your pores and loosen dead skin cells without the need for the abrasive elements in scrubs.

A man patting his face dry with a towel.

How can I exfoliate my skin at home in winter?

Buff away the dead skin cells on your face by using a gentle chemical exfoliant, and keep the rest of your body smooth with a calming oatmeal scrub. To make your own scrub, you only need a few tablespoons of olive oil, milk, and oatmeal. Massage it all over your body once the oats are soft and you can see brighter and smoother skin.

Exfoliate one to three times a week, depending on your skin’s needs. If you see your skin getting dull or developing white “cracks” it’s time to exfoliate. Sloughing off the old cells so the new ones are on the surface is going to be your best line of defense against the cold.

Whether you spend most of your time indoors, where heat will dry your skin, or spend more time in the unforgiving elements, you need a winter skincare routine to protect and nourish your skin. Save yourself the discomfort of chapped winter skin but getting your winter skin regime ready now. Your face, and the rest of you, will love you for it.

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