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websites recipes whats on hand woman looking in fridge

No time to shop? These websites will help you whip up a meal with what’s on hand

Time and money can be big obstacles to cooking at home. But these three sites help you prepare meals using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
woman's feet on bathroom scale

Gained weight during COVID-19? How to lose the ‘quarantine 15’

A woman drinking kombucha

Ditch the coffee: Caffeine-free ways to boost your energy

A woman pours tea

This is our ultimate list of best-tasting low-caffeine teas

A woman drinking tea

What you need to know about caffeine and tea

kitchen gadgets love

5 kitchen items to make packing homemade meals easier

Chia seed, yogurt, and berry parfaits

6 go-to snack foods that improve memory

Bananas, avocados, and other potassium-rich foods

5 healthy recipes for potassium-rich foods you can make in under 30 minutes

no1 diet according to usnewsworldreport woman plan

U.S. News and World Report just named this the best diet for most people

natural heartburn relief ginger tea

Consider these 4 helpful natural remedies when you have heartburn

Sunflower seed butter in a bowl

4 best no-nut butters that will help you forget peanut butter

best meal replacement bars woman protein

Consumers have decided: these are the best meal replacement bars on Amazon

a small bowl of miso soup next to a teapot

Here’s how to get your probiotics without eating dairy

Check out these dairy-free foods you can add to your diet to increase your probiotic intake
diet breast cancer woman superfoods blender

Scientists say these 8 foods may reduce the risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in America. From peaches to leafy greens, here are eight foods that can help reduce the risk of this disease.
vegan halloween chocolate woman

6 best vegan chocolate treats for Halloween

Whether it's for trick-or-treating or a more sophisticated soiree, vegans need not sit on the sidelines with these plant-based Halloween chocolates on hand.
too much fiber woman constipation

Can you eat too much fiber? Yes! Here’s 3 signs you’re overdoing it

Most Americans don't get enough fiber in their diets. But occasionally the opposite problem--consuming too much fiber--can occur. Here are three telltale signs.
a person grabbing a slice of pizza off a pizza stone

3 healthiest frozen pizzas for when you don’t feel like cooking

We look at some frozen pizzas you can enjoy without feeling guilty
late night snack sleep man fridge

Can your late-night snack be ruining your sleep?

Late-night snack cravings aren't uncommon, but the wrong foods can wreak havoc on your sleep. And caffeine isn't the only culprit. Here are foods to avoid.
water hydration hot cold woman drinking

You know you need to drink more water, but does the temperature matter?

Drinking enough water can be a challenge. Can the temperature of the water give you a leg up? Here's a look at the hydration power of cold, warm and hot water.
vegan protein powder workout pea

The best vegan protein powders to fuel your workouts

Whey protein is a popular workout supplement, but what if you're vegan or lactose intolerant? These are three of the top plant-based protein powders to try.
Bacon cheeseburger and French fries

TikTok gross out. Videos by fast food workers may cure your craving for junk

Check out the Tik Tok videos that reveal some of the ugly, behind-the-scenes-secrets of fast-food restaurants
beginner vegan tips healthy woman burger

4 important vegan tips every beginner should know

It's easier than ever to switch over to a vegan diet. Are you thinking of making the leap? Here are four things to be aware of to ensure a smooth transition.
evidence based prevent hangovers woman bed hangover

7 evidence-based ways to prevent a hangover

Hangovers can be downright debilitating, and there are plenty of purported folk remedies to relieve them. Here are 7 real hangover cures supported by science.
vegan facebook groups checking food

5 helpful Facebook groups to join for vegans

Facebook has groups covering every topic, including many for vegans, a number of whom are seeking support and guidance. These five groups are among the best.
eating too much protein man steak

What you need to know about eating too much protein

It's always possible to have too much of a good thing. Protein is essential to good health, but overconsumption can pose problems. Here's what you need to know.
woman eating green

Eating green: The best foods to help you help the planet

The foods you eat can help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions—even more so than buying an electric car. These steps can make all make big impacts right away.
natural remedies heartburn man

How to get rid of heartburn with natural remedies

Heartburn is one of the most bothersome (and common) conditions in America. Looking for a therapeutic alternative to medication? Try these easy home remedies.
netflix fitness documentaries bethany hamilton 1

3 fitness documentaries on Netflix to inspire your next workout

Netflix has a wide selection of documentaries on a range of topics, including many inspiring films about fitness or sports. These three films are the best.
best salt substitutes man blood pressure

7 best salt substitutes that taste just as flavorful

Salt is a common part of many prepared foods and a staple on many a dinner table. But it also carries health risks. Here are seven salt-free substitutes to try.
fourth of july binge burgers

How to recover from your Fourth of July binge

July Fourth celebrations are lively events full of good food and good times. What happens if you overdo it at the buffet? Here's your road map to recovery.
stop sugar cravings woman cupcake

4 useful ways to stop sugar cravings for good

Science shows us that sugar can be as addictive as hard drugs. You can end sugar cravings and break your addiction to sugar by following these five easy tips.
best fish oil supplement woman capsule

Look for these 3 things before buying a fish oil supplement

Omega-3 fatty acids are critical to your health, and fish oil is one of the most popular ways to get them. Here's what to know before you shop for a supplement.
plant protein muscles based burgers

How to get enough plant protein to build muscle

Protein doesn't just come from animal sources. You can get healthy and build muscle with plant-based protein. It just requires a little planning and knowledge.
keep fruits veggies fresh woman fridge produce

How to keep fruits and veggies fresh for weeks

The average American household wastes more than $1,800 of food per year. Much of this comes from fruits and vegetables. Here are tips for how to make them last.
effective weight loss tips woman exercising warm weather

7 effective ways warm weather can help you lose weight

The thermometer is no magic bullet, but dieters and clean eaters may enjoy several advantages when the weather turns warm. Here are 7 safe weight-loss tips.