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4 Thanksgiving YouTube videos that prove your family is not so crazy after all

What would Thanksgiving be without a little bit of drama? Sure, it’s a holiday where you can spend time with your loved ones, enjoy a delicious feast, and reflect on all the things you’re grateful for. But, when extended families gather, there is always bound to be some discord.

Everybody seems to think their family is the worst during the holidays, but the kooky families in these four funny Thanksgiving family videos may change your mind. Keep reading to see how good you really have it with your own family.

Family enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

A Thanksgiving Miracle – SNL

You may remember this Saturday Night Live sketch from when it first aired in 2015. Six years later, the sentiment still holds up. Politics are always a touchy topic during the holidays. These conversations between family members can often lead to arguments and stress. But there is one thing that brings everyone together: Adele. In this sketch, a family is sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. When a politically charged fight begins, the youngest family member walks over to a boombox and starts playing “Hello” by Adele. Immediately, everyone stops arguing and breaks out into song, proving once again that Adele’s music is the great unifier.

I RUINED Thanksgiving For My Family | I DESTROYED THE TURKEY !!

How would you react if one of your family members destroyed your Thanksgiving turkey right before you were about to sit down for your meal? For the family in this YouTube video, angry doesn’t even begin to cover it. Thankfully, the turkey destruction was all part of an elaborate holiday prank. The video, posted by YouTuber DuB Family, follows Dub as he pulls off this epic Thanksgiving joke. His plan is to buy and cook a decoy turkey, swap it out for the one his mother cooked, and drop it on the floor in front of his family. You’ll have to watch the video to see his family’s (completely justifiable) reaction.

Passive-Aggressive Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day family fights come in all shapes and forms. While some families are more active and direct with their arguments, many use passive-aggressive insults to get their points across. Such is the case in this next video produced by comedian and former talk show host Lilly Singh. In this fictionalized version of a Thanksgiving dinner, Singh plays herself, as well as her parents, aunt, and uncle (characters that she often plays in her videos). The conversation quickly devolves into a roundtable quarrel where the characters trade passive-aggressive jabs with each other. If this type of sly fighting seems all too familiar for you, give this video a watch.

Overhead view of Thanksgiving dinner

Dinner Scene — A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a timeless holiday classic. However, that doesn’t mean we’d want to be a guest at their dinner. In the holiday special, Peppermint Patty invites herself and her friends over to Charlie Brown’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie Brown, who is planning to visit family for dinner, works with Snoopy and Linus to throw together an unforgettable meal of toast, popcorn, jellybeans, and pretzel sticks. In the clip, we see Patty yelling at Charlie Brown for throwing a subpar dinner. While Friendsgiving celebrations can have less drama than family gatherings, an awkward meal like this make you miss your family.

Even though you love them more than anything, spending extended time with your family can be stressful. But these four Thanksgiving YouTube videos may make you appreciate your own crazy family even more. From politics to pranks gone wrong, there are so many ways a family can ruin an otherwise delightful holiday. But at the end of the day, it’s the simple act of being together that makes Thanksgiving celebrations worth all the strife.

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