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These 5 cell phone mounts are perfect for people on the go

Traveling and staying active are some of the most fun people can have. Whether by bike or by car, getting out and seeing the world is an every-day activity we can all agree helps boost happiness. But where can you put your phone? It can feel limiting when your only option is the cup holder or your pocket, especially when you need to navigate somewhere new. That’s where phone mounts come in. They can help keep your phone in a visible spot while letting you focus on the road ahead and navigate or listen to music hands-free. These five mounts are perfect for drivers, bikers, and cyclists—and make perfect gifts for someone who so desperately needs it!

Although they seem very simple, a good car mount is actually hard to find. Everyone has their own preferences, and some people give up entirely because they can’t find the right fit. If you know someone in your life who struggles to find a place for their phone when they bike or drive, especially on long trips, then why not gift them a phone mount? They’re great for stocking stuffers, for small birthday presents, or even just because.

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