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5 travel pillows to make your next trip more comfortable

There’s nothing worse than being on an airplane on a long flight, or in the passenger’s seat of the car on a long drive, and struggling to get to sleep. You want to get some shut-eye before you arrive at your destination, but sleep’s just not coming. Could it have something to do with the fact that you just can’t find a comfortable sleeping position? After all, the side of the plane isn’t exactly comfy (and you definitely don’t want to put your face against the tray table), nor is the car window. You need one of these five travel pillows to make your next journey a little comfier. 

Don’t arrive in your destination feeling worse for wear. Get the shut-eye you need on your next flight or road trip, with the help of one of these super-comfy travel pillows. Each combines the comfort you crave with the portability you need while on the go, so you can wake up feeling refreshed, while keeping your luggage light. 

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