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5 items to level up your at-home cocktail game

Whether you just find it a bit too blustery out this season to hit the streets and head to your favorite bar, or you’re still social distancing away from the crowds, if you’ve been making more cocktails at home, you’ve likely realized something. There’s a big difference between the rum and coke that you stirred together in your pjs and the craft cocktail that you order at the local watering hole. Don’t think that the difference all comes down to talent, though. One big thing that separates you from your fav bartender is all the tools they have at their disposal — tools like these that can help you level up your at-home cocktail game. 

Making your favorite cocktails is easy — so long as your bar cart is stocked with the right tools. After all, you wouldn’t expect yourself to be able to create a killer steak dinner without basic kitchenware, so why are you expecting yourself to make an amazing drink without the very necessary gear? These kits and stand-alone items combine to give you everything you need to impress your friends — and your tastebuds — with your next batch of libations, no matter what your cocktail preferences. 

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