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4 places where you can find walking partners online

In the exercise universe, walking is the great equalizer. Just about anyone can do it, you can do it just about anywhere, it takes a far lesser toll on the joints than running or other forms of exercise, it burns calories, and it’s good for your cardiovascular health.

As most people are likely aware, walking can be perfectly enjoyable when you’re on your own. A solo walk can be relaxing and centering first thing in the morning, it can help break up the workday, or it can be a great way to end the day as the sun is setting.

That said, a partner can make just about anything better. In an exercise context, partners can provide extra motivation and accountability. Plus, the added social component just makes things more fun. Not everyone has a willing friend or family member to join them, however. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to walk alone if you don’t want to. Here are four places you can go to find that perfect walking partner.

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Local walking or running clubs

These are more plentiful than you might think.

For example, remember the mall-walking craze that became popular decades ago? In many areas, those groups and groups like them are still alive and well.

Although there’s no single website where these kinds of groups can be found, Facebook is pretty close. Check that or other social media, including local government accounts, or ask around at your favorite house of worship or community gathering space. It’s always amazing what friends and family know as well.

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If you’ve never heard of MeetUp, think of it as Facebook, only for groups instead of individuals. Interested in pottery or mystery novels or French cooking? There is likely a MeetUp group in your area (the site searches groups by zip code) to match at least one of your favorite side passions.

This absolutely applies to local walking groups. It’s also a great way to track down the walking group’s close cousin: the hiking group.

Honestly, there’s no telling what meetups will be available in your locale, but there’s a lot of fun just in looking.


WaBu is far more specialized than our first two entries. This free mobile app has one purpose and one purpose only: to find you a walking buddy.

The app builds networks based on users who contact the app. These networks also receive tools on maps, best practices while walking, and other perks.

If there’s no network in your area yet, contact customer service to begin your own.

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America Walks

This national non-profit is dedicated to spreading the good news about the benefits of walking while pushing lawmakers for more walkable communities and the like.

Although they do not directly match people together for walking events, the group does partner with a wide range of local organizations, some of which are walking programs. (You can search their website’s database by location).

A side benefit of visiting their site is the opportunity to learn more about the many ways walking can shape a community. It’s possible you may decide to take a more active role in making your community more walkable.

Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the country, and there’s a reason — or, more accurately, many reasons — for that. It’s available to far more people than running, swimming, and other, more vigorous or high-impact activities. And it burns calories, improves circulation, strengthens bones and muscles, and even improves sleep.

So don’t let the lack of a partner get in your way. Put some feelers out in your community and find a walking partner today to make you more accountable and generally make the walking experience more enjoyable. Your body and mind will thank you. And hey, maybe your new partner will thank you too.

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