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5 types of therapy for anxiety to consider

If you have anxiety, consider these therapy methods.
Smiling woman wearing black and white stripes

5 starter instruments for horn and woodwind musicians

climate change degree increases tree

5 string instruments to inspire a musical hobby

A woman with curly hair screws in a light bulb on a string of patio lights

Hardware items for your home improvement

gardening workouts woman workout

Bring home the joy of a garden with these stylish planters

Women taking a painting class

5 great products for your artistic needs

a person walking a dog down a gravel path in a sunflower field

Your most needed pet supplies

A woman Stretching Her Neck

5 great products that relieve muscle tension

A bath all set up to add bath salts to it.

5 self-care products for a night in

A woman practices journaling.

5 artsy supplies for your journaling self-care journey

anxiety post pandemic two women socially distanced outside

5 products to build your perfect outdoor oasis

Woman hiking through a meadow

5 items to add comfort to your next outdoor adventure

Women taking a painting class

5 great items to get before your next art therapy session

Art therapy can help you de-stress and relieve depression and anxiety. You don't need to be Picasso, but you will want to try some of these products.
ukeireru acceptance woman outside hands behind head

Unwind with these stress-free products

Tap into your artistic side, be one with nature, and find something that brings you peace of mind.
a woman with dark curly hair sits in front of a canvas and paints, surrounded by brushes in jars and paint bottles

5 products to bring out your inner painter

Check out these products for your inner painter to thrive.
gardening workouts woman workout

5 products to up your home garden game

As spring approaches, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your home garden! These five products will help nurture your green thumb!
a stressed woman sitting at her desk with her head in her hands

Stressed, or depressed? How to tell the difference

Stress and depression can feel the same, but they are treated differently. We show you how to tell the difference
several suction cups for cupping next to a candle

Cupping 101: What you should know about this ancient practice before trying it

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine that is becoming trendy. Here's what you need to know about it
a woman sitting at a table holding a tablet and laughing

Is passion over-rated? The key to happiness may be adjusting our expectations.

It's important to be happy with your life, but is finding your "passion" essential? We look at whether this emotion is over-rated.
woman doing light therapy while drinking coffee

Why you might consider light therapy for your insomnia

Here are a few reasons why light therapy might be an option for curing your insomnia
a woman sitting on a pillow with her hands over her face

Stressed, or depressed? We’ll show you how to tell the difference

If you are feeling low and you don't know if it's stress or depression, read on.
woman in pink dress sitting at a wooden table

3 sneaky reasons why life may be boring you

Does life feel dull to you? Here's some reasons you might feel that way.
a woman in a green shirt receiving chiropractic care

5 benefits of chiropractic care that should convince you to make an appointment

Read this if you want to know how chiropractic care helps
woman's hands on phone

The 6 best apps we’ve found for managing anxiety

These are some of the best apps we've found for managing anxiety
a woman with blonde hair displaying acupuncture ear seeds

Why acupuncture ear seeds are great for people with anxiety

Need help with anxiety? Acupuncture ear seeds may help
woman looking out window while sitting in chair

Experts weigh in on how to handle anxiety about reopening post-pandemic

Being anxious about post-pandemic reopening after a year of social distancing is understandable. Read these tips designed to help get you back into life safely.
person holding a bottle of essential oil over a white basin with flowers

Good, better, best: Essential oil diffusers perfect for your bedroom

These essential oil diffusers will be a perfect fit in your bedroom

What you need to know about acupressure points and pain relief

This is everything you need to know about acupressure points and the benefits of this treatment.
woman having anxiety attack in public place

How to cope with post-pandemic re-entry anxiety

As life begins to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, many are feeling anxious about re-entry. Here's why, and what you can do to cope with these changes.
Woman lying in bed holding abdomen

What the pandemic has done to our periods

If the pandemic has wreaked havoc on your menstrual cycle, you're not alone. Find out why this is happening and what you can do to get back on track.

Why music therapy might be exactly what you need for anxiety

Music therapy has a number of benefits. Find out if it could work for you.

Women can now be screened for anxiety as part of routine checkups

Anxiety screenings are now part of routine checkups for women.

How to use an essential oil diffuser to reduce stress

Essential oil diffusers can help reduce stress. Here's how to use one properly.

5 helpful tips for finding the right therapist

Everything you need to know about choosing a therapist.

Can you still seek mental health help without insurance? Here’s what to know

What to do if you're seeking mental health help but don't have insurance