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5 starter instruments for horn and woodwind musicians

The world of horns and woodwinds is like a vast musical soundscape, but before you can dive into the deep end, you’ll need a footing in the basics. Fortunately there’s a space where value and durability intersect in the music world. These introductory-level instruments are comparatively affordable, easy to manage, and (most importantly) capable of producing some beautiful sounds, with just a bit of practice. From pink clarinets to a shimmering gold tenor saxophone, here are five instruments in horn and woodwind to get your hobby started.

Getting started or rounding out your sound with a woodwind or horn doesn’t have to mean a major investment. Instruments like these provide reliable sound, well-rated by a variety of players. And the kits come with all the supplies you’ll need to keep your new trombone, clarinet, or saxophone sounding smooth and rich as can be. All you have to do is invest a bit, then practice (practice, practice).

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