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5 artsy supplies for your journaling self-care journey

With all the pressures of life, these days more and more people are taking time for themselves to explore their own thoughts and make an effort to improve their mental health. One of the most positive habits that can help both for self-care and for mental well-being is to take pen (or pencil) to paper and start keeping a journal.

Journaling allows people to get out their thoughts, rant about their frustrations, consider their creativity, and keep their own records of their lives. It takes just a few pieces of equipment — maybe a computer or a special notebook and a pen — and sometimes only a few minutes each day. But once the habit is formed, it can be life-changing and incredibly fulfilling. Those moments of self-care can mean a lot, and these products can help you get started on your journaling self-care journey.

Starting a journal can feel a little daunting, but sometimes taking the steps to get the notebook or pen that appeals to you the most can help generate the drive and push you to finally begin recording your thoughts.

Whether you choose to sketch out a scene, just jot down a few daily notes, or fill entire pages with your hopes and dreams, a journal is a highly personal bit of self-care. The benefits can be proven in terms of setting and reaching goals, figuring out your emotions, and finding your way along life’s journey. The cost of a notebook or a special desk goes a long way in changing your life through journaling.

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