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Hit your pressure points and reap the benefits with these acupuncturist tips

Trying to relieve some stress? Accessing your body’s pressure points and manipulating them correctly can help relieve both mental and physical stress and also increase your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re interested in learning more about releasing stress, here’s everything you need to know about your body’s pressure points, what they do, and acupuncturists’ tips for making the most of them.

Pressure points on the body 

Pressure points are especially sensitive points that, when manipulated correctly, can have an impact on the body’s entire health. There are hundreds of pressure points across your body, but most are located in areas where nerve clusters and blood vessels meet or where muscles and ligaments are particularly sensitive. These are regions like the space around your eyes, the back of your head, and the soles of your feet and hands.

These points can be accessed via massage and acupuncture, and you can book treatments that specifically target different pressure points depending on your needs. However, you can also manipulate your pressure points by yourself at home.

What do pressure points do?

woman with massage
Acupressure and acupuncture are often met with some degree of skepticism, but for those who believe in a holistic approach to health, both methods of manipulating the body’s pressure points are great treatments that work as well as other natural remedies. In all likelihood, you already manipulate your pressure points to some degree and experience the benefits whether you realize it or not.  Jade ThaiCatwalk/Shutterstock

The last time you had a headache, did you absentmindedly massage the base of your skull? When battling a nasty sinus infection or stuffy nose, did you find relief when you rubbed around your eye sockets or along your cheekbones? Think to the last time you has a massage–while your sore muscles may have felt better afterward, it’s likely you also felt more relaxed, thanks to the way a full-body massage touches on a large majority of the body’s pressure points.

These easy ways of relieving pain or stress on the body are common examples of how acupressure and the right touches in the right spots can make a big difference in how you feel. 

Acupuncturist tips for hitting your pressure points and reaping the benefits

If immunity is one of your primary health concerns this season, licensed acupuncturist Paige Bourassa recommends several key pressure points that can strengthen it. One of these is Acupoint ST36, which sits three finger widths below the kneecap and one finger width out from the anterior border of the shin bone. Applying pressure to this point can improve immunity and boost energy and digestive health.

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Additionally, there are pressure points that can promote deeper sleep as well as a general state of calm. One is the Pericardium 6 point, which sits between the two primary tendons on the inside of your forearm, several inches up from your wrist. According to Shari Auth, doctor of acupuncture, you’ll want to press on the point with your thumb, while moving it in a circular motion and taking 10 deep breaths before switching to the other arm.

If you’re just starting out on your pressure point journey, the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine recommends a selection of beginner-friendly pressure point moves that come with a range of benefits. 

One beginner point is Gallbladder 20 (GB20), which is not, as you might expect, located anywhere near your gallbladder. Instead, you’ll locate your ear (mastoid) bone with your finger, and follow it back to where your neck muscles and skull meet, then massage the point with deep, firm pressure. This point is used to treat headaches, eye fatigue, and even the common cold. 

The UCLA Center for East-West Medicine also recommends that beginners take it slow and relax. Find pressure points that can benefit your wellness goals and concentrate on making the experience a comfortable and calming one, not a stressful chore.

Getting started with pressure points

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Getting started with pressure points and using them to benefit your health is easy, thanks to the wealth of information online. Check out some of the many resources available, and see what this holistic health practice can do for you.  fizkes/Shutterstock

BlissMark provides information regarding health, wellness, and beauty. The information within this article is not intended to be medical advice. Before starting any diet or exercise routine, consult your physician. If you don’t have a primary care physician, the United States Health & Human Services department has a free online tool that can help you locate a clinic in your area. We are not medical professionals, have not verified or vetted any programs, and in no way intend our content to be anything more than informative and inspiring. 

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