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A black and white image of someone watching a horror movie with a hand coming out of the tv to get him.

Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater with these must-haves

Check out these 5 items to turn your backyard into a movie theater.
wine accessories

Elevate your entertainment game with these 5 items

A woman wearing a blue winter sweater in a sun filled room.

DIY at home with these 5 devices

A woman dancing while listening to music.

Audio accessories you need to rock out

3147 the best plus size summer dresses

Must-have accessories for a music festival

boost brain instruments music woman playing violin

5 Cellos for Players of All Experience Levels

boost brain instruments music woman playing violin

5 Violins for Players of All Experience Levels


Creative furnishings to help you design a cozy TV nook in your home

Women taking a painting class

Supplies for painting for the dark

Couple on a romantic dinner date

Setting the mood with lighting

effective weight loss tips people grilling sun

Great ideas for upgrading your backyard deck

anxiety post pandemic two women socially distanced outside

Use These 5 Games to Cure Summer Boredom

boost brain instruments music woman playing violin

Find a new hobby with these 5 instruments

Learning an instrument can be a great way to relieve stress and improve cognitive function!
Five women laugh and throw popcorn in the air at a carnival

Treat yourself to these 4 technological upgrades for entertaining

Whether you’re a pro entertainer or are getting ready to host your first gathering, it’s time to turn to technology to help get your space party-ready.
A family gathered around a computer.

5 instrument essentials to start the family band

Lots of time home with the family? Why not start a family band? A few investments in beginner instruments and you'll book your first gig before you know it.
Group of friends toasting at a Fourth of July party

Audio cables for our party

We are almost ready for the big party. Things have all come together at the last minute and it turns out we need audio cables for the new band.
sign that says self care isn't selfish

Enhancing ourselves with cello playing

Self enhancement by playing a cello can be a great way to not only learn this wonderful skill, but also increase our mental focus.
gift ideas preschooler

5 fun art kits for the creative kids in your life

Make spending time with the kids in your life fun and educational. Try an art kit or STEM activity kit for hours of creating, learning, laughing, and bonding.
Women taking a painting class

How to host a perfect paint party at home

Looking for a fun and creative way to get your friends together? Host a paint party at your place and let your inner artist run wild!
music therapy anxiety two women playing piano

5 great percussion instruments for our kids

Encouraging our kids who are interested in playing percussion instruments is a wise idea.

5 items for the aspiring ukulele player

The ukulele is one of the most accessible instruments to learn how to play. Here are five helpful items to make your learning experience go smoothly.
Two boys looking at a tablet with their mom in the background.

5 great horns for beginning musicians

If we, or someone in our life, are taking an interest in learning to play an instrument, these horns are great for beginning musicians.
housewarming gifts excited woman attending a female friend s party

Great games for outdoor parties

Outdoor parties are a great occasion to have games planned for the children and the adults.
Friends toasting at an outdoor party

Tips on getting ready for an outdoor party

Having an outdoor party in our own backyard is a great way to enjoy the good weather with family or friends.

Guitar accessories for a budding musician

Guitar accessories for a budding musician to encourage their pursuit with a thoughtful gift.
Woman working remotely with her children

Creating a creativity corner for your kids

Setting up a spot for kids to be creative can come easy with these products.
a woman sitting on the floor listening to music while on the computer

5 great items for a music room

A music room can help reduce the noise in a household and allow the musician a space devoted to their hobby.

Enhancing our creativity with music

There are many ways to enhance our creativity and one great is to apply ourselves to learning a musical instrument.
Woman backpacking in nature

5 things your truck should have for an outdoor adventure

Trucks can also be used for fun activities such as tailgates and outdoor excursions. Check out our recommendations for items for your truck.
the best snow gloves for women

You’ll love these 5 accessories for active kids

Kids are fearless adventurers who love to explore with reckless abandon. Help keep them moving by giving them the best accessories to stay active.
gift ideas preschooler

5 perfect gifts for family game night

There are few experiences more fun than family game night with the kids. Here are 5 perfect gifts for family game night.
blowout ideas hairstyle style inspiration

Get festival ready with these 5 accessories

These five accessories are perfect for your next music festival adventure! Check these out and prepare to have a great time.
woman listening to music on blue yoga mat with purple hand weights nearby

Make some music with these 5 instruments

Learning an instrument can be a great creative outlet. Check out these 5 instruments and find which one fits you!
Group of friends playing charades

5 Amazon must-haves for your next girls night at home

Learn how these five products can enhance your next girls' night at home.
Family enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

4 Thanksgiving YouTube videos that prove your family is not so crazy after all

When families gather for Thanksgiving, there's always the potential for something to get out of hand. We introduce you to 5 families who make yours look normal.