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Great games for outdoor parties

Outdoor parties are a great occasion to have games planned for the children and the adults. Most of us have games we played as children, and now with our own family, we will want to pass on those much-loved activities to our children. Also, sharing these loved games with others outside our family can help spread our joy to our friends and neighbors. The best idea is to have several options of different physical intensity, so that those who wish for a more gentle activity level can also join in on the fun.

Here is an assortment of games that we can play outdoors which will delight the young and old alike.

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Our next outdoor party will be a happy event for all involved with these ideas to add fun games. By adding lights to the games we can make sure that darkness does not rob the party of playtime fun.

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Tweens can be a challenging age group to buy for, but a gift that sparks their sense of adventure and independence is always a good bet. This is the age that many kids are getting a small taste of freedom for the first time: walking or biking to a friend’s house, going away to overnight camp, or getting dropped off to play at the local park or recreation center. They’ll love these grown-up-ish gifts that aren’t babyish, but aren’t beyond their years either. From a glow-in-the-dark basketball to safety lights to a travel towel, there’s something for every tween here.

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Kids should not have to sacrifice their mobility or comfort for the sake of looking dressed up. Kids will be kids, and they should be allowed to act like it. When they do need to get dressed up, some kid-friendly attire — like non-skid socks and tights, or easy adjust ties — can help the event go a little smoother. Parents will be able to stress less about keeping their kids looking nice, and instead focus on the fun of the party!

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