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Treat yourself to these 4 technological upgrades for entertaining

Love hosting parties and get-togethers over at your place? Do your friends gravitate over to your house when it’s time to celebrate? Whether you’re a pro entertainer or are getting ready to host your first gathering, it’s time to take advantage of technology to help in the process of getting your space party-ready.

We’ve put together five of our favorite gadgets that’ll upgrade a space with little to no effort. Impress your guests with these small details that you may have never thought of before. Step into the world of technology and embrace your role as the best host in the friend group.

You don’t have to be a tech-head to understand these simple, yet life-changing gadgets. To elevate any space for entertaining, it’s best to start with the fun details that often get overlooked. Take advantage of technology wherever you can. You don’t need the fanciest new technology to host a worthwhile party. If you feel inspired, start here and work your way up. Who knows, maybe you’ll eventually have a robot zooming around serving guests. For now, this is a great place to start for any entertainer.

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Supplies for painting for the dark
Women taking a painting class

Special pigmented paint is available to let us paint in the dark. More accurately, it lets us paint things that can be seen in the dark. Some of these paints will have a phosphorescent glow that comes after they have been exposed to bright light. Some of the paints will only reveal their special glow if exposed to UV black lights. We can use these paints for any painting to add an interesting effect. We can also create plant markers or other markers for closets or dark spaces to let us see the labels when the lighting is dim.

Here are some supplies that can help us see our paintings in the dark.

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Setting the mood with lighting
Couple on a romantic dinner date

Lighting illuminates our spaces but it can also influence our emotions. Setting the mood with lighting choices is one way we can make an event more special. Candelabras are holders with multiple arms. They are often called chandeliers and we may see these in entrance halls or over dining tables. They used smaller bulbs for each arm, but together the number of arms can provide a bright light. These fixtures by themselves lend a certain mood to an area. The choice of bulb is another way we can influence the mood these lighting fixtures create.

Here are some great ideas for candelabra bulbs to make our next event special.

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Find a new hobby with these 5 instruments
boost brain instruments music woman playing violin

Just because you are out of high school and not playing in a band does not mean you have to give up your musical talents. Playing an instrument can have many benefits and can be a great hobby. It can take time and practice to become good at playing music, but you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment when you begin to master different songs! This hobby is a great form of stress relief and will help you unleash a creative outlet. Check out these five instruments to get started making music today!

Whether you decide to pick up an instrument for pleasure or for reducing stress, this hobby can be a great way to train your brain and strengthen your muscle memory. Playing music cultivates creativity and helps you to think about things in a different way to problem solve. The next time you decide to pursue a creative outlet, consider picking up an instrument to create some beautiful tunes!

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