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Enhancing our creativity with music

There are many ways to enhance our creativity and one great is to apply ourselves to learning a musical instrument. We can benefit from learning to play an instrument at any age. Perhaps we stopped our training when we were in school and now we wish to pick up from where we left our practice. However, even if we have never held an instrument before, learning to play one is possible. It is also very healthy because challenging ourselves to play and practice will provide much needed stimulation to our mental abilities.

A good choice of instrument is a viola. A viola is slightly larger than a violin but it is played in the same way. We can play it with various techniques including plucking the strings or using a bow. The sound a viola makes is lower and deeper than a violin and as we learn we will be able to create deep rich sounds.

Once we are outfitted with the things we need we can begin our journey on making and enjoying music with our new viola. We will find our lives much enriched from this new path in our music education.

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