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Great ideas for upgrading your backyard deck

So, you’ve decided to upgrade the deck in your back yard! That sounds like a fantastic summer project that can involve your whole family. From a place where BBQ magic happens to the winning game of Euchre, your deck is a place where memories are made year after year, and giving it a makeover will entice everyone to spend more time out back. 

Now it’s time to start planning the details. Gather the family together and talk about what features everyone would like to see incorporated. Do you want built-in flower boxes or benches? How about hooks to hang wet bathing suits? Perhaps you all agree that the deck needs a canopy to provide shade on those sweltering July days. Of course you’ll want lighting! You can make this deck perfect for your family’s needs. This list will provide some suggestions to help you get started in style.

Instead of staying inside staring at a screen, everyone will want to spend time outside once your new deck is finished! Just picture it – your trusty grill in one corner cooking up some delicious burgers and skewered veggies, the teens sitting at the table playing a roaring game of cards, and the preschooler nearby blowing bubbles. There’s no doubt that upgrading your backyard deck is going to be a lot of work, but the benefits will be enormous.

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