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4 best Youtubers to follow for natural, everyday makeup

Social media is one of the largest and most available platforms to learn just about anything, from trending recipes on TikTok to sustainable fashion brands and influencers on Instagram. If you’re looking for a specific product or answer to a burning question, Google might be your go-to, but Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the best apps out there to explore, get to know new people, and stay up to date on the latest trends.

When it comes to makeup, YouTube has just about the most comprehensive collection of tutorials, product reviews, and inspiration. If you’re looking for some examples of fresh-faced, natural, everyday makeup, this is the place to start. Surprisingly, it actually takes some work to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup, so learn how to slay the fresh-faced look with help from some of our favorite YouTubers.

Allana Davison

Glowing Summer Skin Makeup Tutorial 🌶️ ☀️

With 713,000 subscribers and growing, Allana knows what she’s talking about. Beyond makeup, she uses her page as a platform to share beauty tips, fashion advice, and what products you should and shouldn’t buy.

Her tutorials often cover soft, natural looks perfect for a day at work or casual outings with friends. Her videos also cover many different versions of this look, all of which are neutral enough to wear on a day-to-day basis. She proves that a neutral doesn’t have to be boring or one-note. You can still have fun with color and shading, even for a more natural look.

You don’t have to worry about having top-of-the-line products or tools to follow her tutorials, either. She also shares videos where she only uses affordable drugstore brands to prove that you can still get the same look for less.

Rachel Cantu

my updated everyday makeup tutorial

If you’re ready to be impressed, check out this makeup prodigy. At only 18 years old, Rachel has impressed her over 636,000 followers with her bold eye looks. While she loves to play with colorful, dramatic eyeshadows, she also shares her tips for everyday, easy-to-apply makeup.

She also breaks down her page by category, so it’s really easy to find what you want, jumping from basic eyeliner application tips to full-face, red carpet-worthy glam.

Alissa Ashley

Doing My Makeup Like Beyonce's! (Literally A Soft Glam Look Lmao)

If you’re looking for a true beauty guru that covers makeup, hair, fashion, and everything in between, then join Alissa Ashley’s 2.08 million subscribers. This influencer is so versatile, moving from a walkthrough of soft, everyday makeup to recreations of the latest celebrity looks. Whatever you want to try, she can likely show you how to do it.

From the start of your skincare routine to the last finishing spray, Alissa will take you through the whole process, step by step. She loves to have fun and be adventurous with her looks, sometimes blindly picking colors out of a bowl and creating a whole look around them.

Like Allana Davison, Alissa also ensures her page isn’t just for artists with years of experience and hundreds of dollars worth of A-list products. She also makes videos that are budget and amateur-friendly, so anyone can try their hand at it.

Lisa Eldridge

Effortless, Feel Great Make Up

To feel truly camera-ready, you might want to turn to an expert. Look no further than Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist to the stars. This celebrity makeup artist knows every trick in the book and even wrote some of her own. Her page covers not only makeup videos, but also skincare routines, how to get the most out of drugstore products, and explorations of makeup throughout history.

Lisa may be a professional, but you don’t have to be one to follow her videos. Her step-by-step guides also cover the basics, like how to pick your foundation and blend colors seamlessly.

Don’t just take it from us, though. Her 2.04 million subscribers agree that Lisa is the makeup guru that needs following.

Makeup is just one of many ways you can express yourself artistically. Even if you opt for a more demure, natural look, the process of matching color, creating shapes, and playing with different products is entertaining and even stress-relieving. While we recommend checking out these fan-favorite accounts, we also encourage you to do a little exploring on your own to find new influencers, looks, and techniques. If you find an artist you really love and connect with, no matter how many followers they have, click that subscribe button and enjoy!

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