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6 incredible hairstylists you should follow on Instagram right now

We can spend hours upon hours scrolling through the Instagram explore page, looking at memes, influencer updates, and new places and foods to see and try. Along with TikTok, Instagram is a great resource, whether you want to find your next ab workout, dinner inspiration, or hair color. Luckily, this app is full of stylists who post adorable, fresh hairstyle ideas daily. Whether or not you’re going to try these styles on yourself, these are a few of the most fun stylists to follow on Instagram today.

If you love celebrity stylists

Many people look to celebs when deciding how to do their hair, often showing their stylist a picture of Zooey Deschanel as a guide for new bangs or a snap of Beyoncé for that envious honey blonde. Ever curious about the talent behind your favorite celeb styles? Look no further than some of these famous hairdressers to the stars.

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Kim Kimble is most well known for styling Beyoncé’s ‘do, but she’s also worked with Zendaya and Laverne Cox. Her page isn’t only filled with pictures of amazing hairstyles (though you do see plenty of that) but also tips, products, how-tos, and much more.

The best part is that she has her own hair care line at Sally Beauty, so you can get celebrity-worthy hair from your own bathroom. Her line is all about natural products, so it’s safe for sensitive skin and color-treated or damaged hair.


A go-to for celebrity events, premieres, and more, Guy Tang has earned every one of his 2.1 million-plus followers. He loves to play with colors and soft waves to create textured, bold shapes and shades that are simply show-stopping.

He also has a line of beauty products sold at Ulta and on his website, which are all free of sulfates and parabens. The overwhelmingly positive reviews say it will leave your hair feeling healthier and bouncier, especially for those managing color-treated hair.


If you love color, this is the account for you. Mane Addicts pushes the limits of hair, truly treating it like a canvas ready to be transformed. I’ve you’ve been considering dyeing your hair, just scrolling through this account for a minute will surely inspire you to take the plunge.

The account is founded by Jen Atkins (@jenatkinhair), who has also worked on Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez, and the Hadid sisters’ hair.


Since we mentioned Jen Atkin, we have to mention her former assistant, who is making a name for herself in her own right. Alex keeps it uber-chic, showcasing classic waves, bold bobs, and high buns.

If you want wedding inspiration

If you can spend hours looking through the whimsical braids and complex updos of wedding styles, you aren’t alone. These beautifully romantic looks are gorgeous to peruse, even if your wedding planning is only hypothetical at the moment.


With more brides wanting a Boho chic, casual look, especially for outdoor or upcycled weddings, many popular wedding styles of today are achievable from home. Shelley walks her followers through some of these simpler looks, explaining her thought process behind the design of each one.

If you love avant-garde fashion

Sometimes looking at styles you would never wear personally is just as satisfying as trying to find one you would.


Runway style pushes the limits of fashion, asking us to see these designs as wearable art, not just pieces on a hanger. The hair is no exception. Ruth Hunsley’s feed features designs reminiscent of The Hunger Games, Lady Gaga, and David Bowie. Whether you dare to try these styles yourself or are happy to just admire the beauty, you’ll certainly want to keep this account on your feed. This London-based hairstylist icon just keeps the jaws dropping and the amazing looks coming.

If you’re looking for inspiration to jazz up your mane, all of these accounts are sure to deliver. Whether you’re interested in a classic look or a bolder style, you can find a stylist on Instagram who designs within your aesthetic. If you recreate one of these stylists’ looks, be sure to credit them when you post your before and after pics!

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