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Getting your downward dog on: 5 great yoga bottoms for men

Yoga is for nearly everybody, regardless of gender identity, age, or level of flexibility. Studies share it can reduce stress, improve sleep, and even boost men’s sex lives.

These days, we have so many different ways to do yoga. You can go to a studio or stream a class on YouTube, Amazon Prime, or an app like Daily Yoga or Yoga Studio. However, before getting into a downward dog, you’ll want to get into some comfortable clothes. The good news: There is no shortage of men’s fitness wear.

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You don’t want to grab just any old workout gear, though. There’s clothing specifically designed for yoga that will help you get the most out of your practice. Though you want to be comfortable, baggy apparel can impede movement. Items that are form-fitting but able to adapt to your movement are best. If you’re ready to say “ohm,” try one of these pairs of yoga bottoms for men.

a man in child's pose on a black yoga mat

Nike men’s Dri-FIT yoga pants

Nike designed these new yoga pants with a unique Dri-FIT technology that keeps the sweat off your skin, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. That makes these yoga bottoms ideal for hot or outdoor summer yoga sessions. They’re so relaxed, soft, and breathable you’ll be tempted to stay in them all day — and many buyers do. However, they’re not too baggy, so you’ll be able to flow through vinyasa without issue. The pants also boast a pocket, perfect for stashing loose change, keys, or your cellphone. They come in four colors (galactic jade, off noir, khaki, and smoke gray) and sizes ranging from small to 2XL tall, making them accessible to a wide variety of yogis.

DRSKIN men’s compression pants

You can get one of these DRSkin yoga bottoms for men for under $15, but people who love them are buying them in packs of two or three. The pants are form-fitting and boast excellent elasticity, helping them boost blood circulation, compress your muscular tissue, and help you recover faster. Despite the compression, they’re easy to move in, and they help your body temperature stay at a comfortable level. They also provide UV protection, a plus if you’re doing yoga on the beach. Customers say these pants punch above their weight and felt they got the most bang for their buck by purchasing them. They’re available in multiple colors, including all black and a red-camo pair, and sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

two people doing yoga near cliff on pink mats

Willit men’s cotton yoga sweatpants

Willit’s yoga sweatpants have a looser fit than many of the other options out there. However, they’re still secure-but-stretchy enough that they won’t get in the way of you moving seamlessly from down dog to up dog. These pants are also lightweight but made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps perspiration off your skin, as well as a special flatlock stitching that helps to mitigate chafing. The two front pockets give you room to transport life’s essentials, like keys, a phone, and your wallet from your home to the studio. The pants come in nine colors, including olive, dark blue, stone gray, and black and multiple sizes from extra-small to 3XL.

Alo Yoga warrior compression shorts

If you prefer working out in shorts, we recommend checking out Alo Yoga. The trusted brand makes warrior compression shorts that are easy to move in and allow you to feel supported during your practice. They are mid-thigh length and will increase blood flow to the hamstrings, glutes, and quad muscles, ensuring your lower body gets the most out of your yoga practice. This feature can be especially attractive to runners and cyclists who frequently put a good deal of pressure on those muscles during their workouts.

YOGA CROW men’s swerve yoga shorts

For a looser-fitting pair of shorts, opt for this pair from YOGA CROW. They have nearly 500 five-star ratings on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating overall, with customers raving that they’re worth the $55 price tag. Step into them, and you’ll see why. The four-way stretch allows for optimal mobility while you’re on the mat, and the breathability and moisture-wicking fabric will only add to your comfort level. The shorts don’t bunch up, either, so you’ll spend your practice adjusting your form, not your outfit. They come in six colors, including crow black and heather gray, and in sizes from extra-small to XXL. Pro tip: Size up if you are between sizes.

There’s plenty of men’s fitness wear, but you’ll want to find something designed for yoga if you plan to add it to your routine. There is a wide range of yoga bottoms for men out there, giving you a chance to pick and choose what works best. Some are tight-fitting and made with compression fabrics known for increasing circulation. If you prefer looser-fitting pants, you might consider cozy cotton joggers. As you’re trying on yoga bottoms, ensure you can move seamlessly from one pose to another. You don’t want anything too baggy, but clothes that are too tight will feel uncomfortable, too. Having the best fitting pants for you will allow you to reap all the benefits of yoga, including enhanced mental well-being and lower blood pressure.

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