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Push your comfort zone with these 5 activities

Indulging in favorite exercise routines—swimming, running, yoga, Pilates—is the optimal way to ensure that staying active and keeping fit remains a joy, not a chore. Still, extending the boundaries of your exercise comfort zone by engaging in activities that may not come naturally can provide its own benefits to both body and mind.

An aversion to firearms, for instance, shouldn’t be an obstacle to a friendly game of ‘toy’ gun shooting and improved head-eye coordination. A secret desire to sing, but no formal voice training, shouldn’t prevent a splurge on a professional-grade microphone. The products we’ve selected, below, illustrate that trying something new doesn’t have to be an unrealistic goal or expensive commitment; it only requires the desire to push against accepted parameters—and, ultimately, deepen the lived experience.

Resisting the urge to stay within the boundaries of what’s comfortable is not always easy. Yet, it’s often the very things that make us uncomfortable that lead to the most thought-provoking and mind-expanding experiences. Whether it’s playing a sport that you’ve never tried before, or repeating an endeavor you’ve already tried—but didn’t particularly like—gently pushing against established borders, both personally and professionally, can teach us a great deal about ourselves and what we’re capable of.

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