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how to make cologne with essential oil mathilde langevin ymkjbly4jmm unsplash

How to make your own personal fragrance using essential oils

You can make your own colognes using essential oils and a few simple ingredients. Here's how to do it.
A variety of cosmetics on a table.

Now’s the time to go fragrance free – here’s how

Simplify your life and live healthier by switching to fragrance free products.
A woman smelling the scent on her wrist.

What are skin scents? What you need to know about this fragrance trend

The use of skin scents as a far more subtle, more natural version of perfume. Here's what you need to know.
Various perfume bottles laying on a plush surface.

Making sense of scents: The difference between potencies of fragrances

There are so many potencies of perfumes. Here are the differences and why you should care.
Perfumes laying on a bed of colorful fall leaves.

Good, better, best: Hypoallergenic fragrances perfect for fall

Our top three choices for hypoallergenic fragrances for the fall.
An assortment of makeup colorfully laid on a table.

The only guide to fragrance-free cosmetics you need

Frangrance -free beauty products are a must for those with sensitive skin or scent sensitivity. Here's how to find the best fragrance-free cosmetics for you.
A bottle of fragrance and some flowers on a table.

The best light natural perfumes under $50 perfect for summer

Looking for a light, summery scent? Whether you prefer fruity or floral, we've got the best natural fragrances for the season.
A woman relaxing at a spa.

How to make your home smell like a spa

This is how to make your home smell as relaxing as a spa.
Men's accessories on a table.

The best men’s fragrances under $110 that are perfect for summer

These men's fragrances are the perfect scents for summer.
Various perfumes laid out on a table.

How to find the right natural and organic perfumes for you

Follow these tips to find a natural perfume that smells great, too.
woman applying perfume to wrist

Hypoallergenic perfumes aren’t hard to find – here are some great picks

Choosing a perfume that won't wrinkle noses can be tough. These are some of our favorites.