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How to find the right natural and organic perfumes for you

Scent is everything. It makes you want to know when that delicious meal will be served and it tells you something is awry when a mysterious stench arises.

This is why picking out your signature scent can be a long process. You want to find one that you, and those around you, can stand to smell all day. For the safety of your body, you also want to ensure your product isn’t filled with harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, nose, or throat. We’ll make this process a little easier for you and walk through how to spot the best natural perfumes that will be kind to your skin and nose.

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What to look for

As with any beauty product, there are certain chemicals that you don’t want to be in there. While these aren’t toxic in the small amounts present in perfumes, they are all ingredients that can irritate skin whether it’s sensitive or not. That being said, do your best to find a perfume that is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, petroleum, and formaldehyde.

Research the company

For a product that you use every day, it’s especially important to do your research and learn everything you can about its sourcing, ingredients, and development processes. If it’s important to you, research the company itself to see it’s committed to environmentally friendly practices, fair wages, and overall transparency.

Shopping small is another great way to learn more about the company before you purchase anything. If the product is made in small batches or the company has its own retail location, take the time to ask managers at the store about the perfume. They’ll likely have more in-depth knowledge than someone at a general department or beauty store.

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Test it out

Once you’ve decided what companies you feel comfortable purchasing from, it’s time to sample the perfumes.

If you’re shopping online, you can’t spritz yourself to test the product before purchasing. However, many companies offer small sample sizes that are less expensive than the full size, and the sampler kit allows you to try a few different varieties at home before committing to your favorite.

Even if you’re able to spritz yourself in the store, a crowded area isn’t the best place to figure out if that scent is right for you. There are a lot of other scents in the room, so you won’t really get a solid idea of what it smells like on its own. Long story short, if there’s a sampler pack available, grab it and test it at home.

Scents are extraordinarily variable, and they will begin to smell different over time. After you spritz, be sure to wait a few minutes before smelling again to make sure you like all levels of the perfume.

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Our favorites!

Now that you know what to look for and what to avoid, it’s time to pick your scent. We’ll make it even easier for you and share some of our tried and true favorite natural perfumes.

If you like a warm scent, then Pacifica’s Mist is the one for you. With this vegan and cruelty-free scent, you’ll smell like coconut and vanilla wherever you go.

For a fruitier scent, consider Pacifica’s Persian Rose. This clean brand is natural and toxin-free, so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t exposing your skin to anything nefarious.

Roll-on perfumes are perfect for the on-the-go crowd, allowing you to subtly refresh throughout the day. Bella Des Natural Beauty has a floral Lilac and Gooseberry Oil roll-on that provides a light, fresh scent. This Michigan-made, chemical-free scent won’t turn heads when you enter a room, but it will certainly delight anyone within a few feet of you.

Finding your signature scent can be a long process, but it’s all worth it when you receive compliments all throughout the day or hear someone walk into a room and note how lovely it smells. If you are still unsure about diving in, start small and sample before you buy.

Regardless of what you choose, have fun, do your research, and try many different types before settling on one. Scents are another way to express yourself, so make sure you know exactly what energy you’re putting out when you enter a room.

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