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Now is the perfect time to try the KonMari method — here’s how

The KonMari craze swept the world in January 2019 after her self-titled Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” made her a social media sensation. Though Marie Kondo released her book in 2014, the power of Netflix encouraged people across the world to start their year by decluttering, and years later, the hashtag #TidyingUp is still trending on Instagram.

The organizational method is famous for its ease of maintenance, ensuring people stay tidy even when they’re spending a lot of time at home, collecting more and more stuff. This method also encourages people to only keep items in their homes that have a purpose and “spark joy.” If an item doesn’t fit this bill, Kondo advises you to thank it for what it once did and bid it farewell, giving you peace of mind.

Commit to it

The KonMari method isn’t a quick-fix, however. It’s a long process that will eventually reset your whole lifestyle, encouraging you to surround yourself with joy and clarity. In order to stick with it, Kondo requires it must be done all at once, not in incremental steps over a multiple-month period. This is a commitment to changing the way you live, not a schedule to clean up every once in a while.

Also, Kondo doesn’t look at her radical approach to decluttering the same way you might view sweeping your kitchen floor every night. Decluttering is a special event or, as Kondo calls it, a “tidying festival.” Block off an entire day to get the job done. While it seems daunting at first, you’ll be relieved once you’re living your more organized life.

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Part with things

One of the biggest Marie Kondo tips is to discard before organizing. When sorting through all of your things, Kondo says to start with clothes, move on to books, and finish with papers, miscellaneous items, and mementos. As you hold each one, think about whether it sparks joy and how you’ll use it. If it makes you happy and still serves a purpose, keep it. If not, part with it.

Letting go can be hard. If it’s time to part with an item, thank it for once bringing you joy, and make peace with your decision.

Invest in open trays (but don’t obsess over storage)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever walked into Target for one thing and left with a bunch of cute-looking storage bins and baskets. It happens, but those items won’t do you much good if you’ve committed to the KonMari method. Kondo’s decluttering tips encourage people to put everything in a dedicated space, so there’s no need for junk drawers or miscellaneous containers. Instead, put small objects like lipstick and mascara in open trays so you can always see and find them easily. Keeping all of your items in view also incentivizes you to keep them organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Categorize and color code

When you clean your home, the general KonMari process is to go room to room, pick up items, and wipe down the furniture. Everyone is different though, and this method recognizes that there are various approaches to the categorical organization of space. While some may keep coats in a front hall closet or bedroom year-round, others stash winter clothes in the attic during the summer months. As long as it has a dedicated place, you’re working through the KonMari method well.

When it’s time to organize your clothes, bring all of them out at once and evaluate each article’s purpose. As you group things together, do so by color, hanging blue shirts together, white shirts together, and so on and so forth. It’ll make finding articles much easier when you’re getting ready for work in the morning or going out at night.


Learn the KonMari folding hack

The KonMari folding trick is a massive space-saver, but be aware that different items require slightly different techniques.


  • Place socks on top of one another. They should be flat.
  • Fold the toe upwards, so it’s about an inch under the ankle.
  • Fold in half. Fold in half again so that it stands up in a small pyramid.


  • Lay the shirt flat.
  • Fold the right side in.
  • Fold the right sleeve back halfway.
  • Repeat on the left side.
  • Fold the neckline down towards the hemline with an inch of space in between both.
  • Fold in half, then half again. Here’s how it should look.


  • Lay jeans flat.
  • Fold the left leg over the right.
  • Fold the crotch inward creating a straight line down the inseam.
  • Fold the bottom over and towards the waist. Leave an inch of space.
  • Fold inward. The jeans should stand up in a pyramid-like shape.

Marie Kondo’s tips organize and declutter your home, which may decrease stress and promote overall wellness. The KonMari method is rigorous but so worth it. Cleaning is hard, and parting with items, even ones you don’t care about anymore, can be harder. However, taking the time to sort through your items will leave you with a clean space that is easy to navigate and full of joy.

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