Here’s why you shouldn’t leave your yoga class before savasana

There are many different types of yoga, from sweat-inducing hot yoga to more relaxed restorative practices. However, there’s one thing each session has in common: It ends with savasana. If you’ve ever done yoga, you likely know what it is: You lie on the floor, close your eyes, and breathe for 30 seconds or more.

Also known as corpse pose, the list of savasana benefits is a long one. Without understanding these advantages, you might be tempted to cut out of class (or X out of it, if you’re streaming one on YouTube or Amazon Prime) before completing the pose. Lying motionless might seem like a luxury when you have other responsibilities. Take a look at the benefits of corpse pose; you just might change your mind about skipping savasana.

woman in savasana pose on blue yoga mat

The mental health benefits of savasana

Though there aren’t peer-reviewed studies specifically on corpse pose, it’s not a stretch to say it’s a form of meditation. Think about it: You’re lying still, focusing on your breathing, and cultivating mindfulness. There is a good bit of research on meditation and the many perks you can gain from practicing it. These benefits can also apply to corpse pose.

  • Meditation reduces anxiety. One analysis said that people who incorporated meditation into their routines long-term were less likely to experience anxiety.  Another study found it reduced stress and upped psychological well-being.
  • It also enhances focus. Experts also share that meditation can help improve memory, focus, and attention span. If you feel more mentally sharp, you can perform better at work and get more enjoyment when you do things you love.
  • Meditation can you manage depression. This 2015 systematic review of 18 studies that, combined, included nearly 1,200 patients found that meditation had a positive effect on individuals with depressive disorders.
  • It feels luxe. Taking time to meditate, particularly in corpse pose, may benefit your commitment to your workout regiment. Why? Knowing that you’ll be taking a few moments to several minutes at the end of a yoga practice to lie down, rest, and simply breathe can feel like a post-workout treat that motivates you to get into downward dog and press play on your class.
    two women practicing yoga. one is in seated pose. the other is in savasana.

Physical benefits of corpse pose

Savasana benefits your physical well-being, too. Once again, much of the research on these benefits is centered around meditation in general. However, since corpse pose fits that bill, it’s fair to link the two.

  • You may notice a reduction in headaches. If you’ve ever had a stress headache, you know they’re no fun. Also, though doctors haven’t yet pinpointed the exact reason for migraine headaches, stress may be one of them. Since meditation reduces stress, experts share that it may be a natural remedy for headaches. To enhance the benefits of savasana, do the pose while in a dark room and let yourself be for 10 minutes. Experts say this small step can have an enormous impact on headaches.
  • You may be able to lower blood pressure. Studies show that meditation can reduce blood pressure. What’s more, exercise (which yoga is) can, too. If corpse pose motivates you to continue with yoga, you’ll move more and might notice your blood pressure numbers declining.
  • You’ll sleep better. If you want to sleep like a baby, consider nixing Melatonin supplements and counting sheep and committing to sticking around for savasana instead. The National Sleep Foundation says that meditation can aid people with insomnia sleep better. Sleep can help you maintain or even enhance your fitness routine and reap all the benefits of that and feel better and less foggy mentally.

Corpse pose benefits your physical and mental health. It’s a form of meditation and can help you become more mindful. Research shows mindfulness and meditation can help improve your memory and focus and reduce feelings of anxiety. These mental health improvements can help you be more productive at work, present at home, and happier and less stressed overall. Though mental health isn’t a luxury, corpse pose can feel like a “reward” at the end of yoga practice and motivate you to continue with your fitness routine. Meditation can also aid in sleep, reducing headaches, and lowering blood pressure, three things that can leave you feeling better physically. It’s tempting to skip savasana if you have a full plate. Remember that taking care of yourself can help you tackle items on your to-do list more efficiently and effectively.

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