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5 fun and creative housewarming gifts

Now that we’re in 2022, a new year may mean a new address for your friends or loved ones. Whether an apartment, condo or house, a new space always needs a unique touch. What better than helping someone you’re close to adding elements to their home that make it both cozy and welcoming – in a heartfelt housewarming gift. Instead of bringing a stereotypical gift, opt for something creative that instantly fits right into their decor or aesthetic (no matter the theme).

To help you determine the perfect present for your loved ones, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite housewarming gift ideas. Each one is sure to fit any style of preference – and a guaranteed way to make anyone feel right at home.

By having a sincere heart, and opting for a unique housewarming gift, you’re not only demonstrating you’re a phenomenal house guest – but communicating how much you care about those closest to you. By choosing a creative housewarming gift, you’ll be helping transform their home into a space they love and cherish. No matter which present you choose, make sure you’re tapping into their personalities, preferences, and style.

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