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5 gifts for the entertainer

We all have that friend (or family member) that continuously opens up their home for parties and intimate gatherings. They may also be the first to volunteer their home to host a holiday. Labeled as the entertainers of the group, their calendars are as neat and organized as their countertops.

How can you celebrate or say thank you to the person who provides you with fun weekends and a full tummy? With a gift that reflects their ‘hostess with the most-est’ personality. 

Various products can help make their lives a little easier (and prettier) while trying to throw large multi-course meals, backyard BBQs, or hosting out-of-towners. We’ve outlined five creative and multi-purpose items that would make excellent gifts for the entertainer in your life. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or to say thank you, your loved ones will be sincerely appreciative (and excited to throw their next party). 

While the entertainer in your life may not ask for much when throwing an event or a party, it’s incredibly thoughtful to keep them and their home in mind when shopping for the perfect gift. Each of these five options will be sure to add a nice touch to any soiree and warm a heart (or two).

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