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Good, better, best: The best kettlebell brands for your in-home gym

There’s nothing novel about kettlebells anymore. These days they’re a staple of just about every gym out there.

These distinctive weights are capable of more than their more rigid and symmetrical cousins, the dumbbells, providing a more well-rounded workout.

For this reason, kettlebells are not just popular on the weight rack but as an investment in your home gym. But which kettlebell is the best? After all, many of them look rather the same.

Our researchers scoured the internet to find the top three kettlebells available today. We evaluated them based on quality, durability, and value, among other considerations. We’ve divided them below into three categories: good, better, and best.

Benefits of kettlebells

What, exactly, makes kettlebells a better workout option than dumbbells? Here are a few of the reasons:

Coordination and joint stability

By working a wider range of muscle groups than dumbbells, kettlebells essentially force your body to use muscles and joints to create balance. This trains the more subtle — but important — stabilizer muscles that are involved in those processes.

Functional strength

A kettlebell’s center of gravity is anywhere from six to as much as eight inches away from where you grip the handle, which more closely approximates the objects we all lift and move as part of our daily lives.

Cardiovascular powerhouses

This is one of the key areas of difference between kettlebells and dumbbells. The distinctive handle on kettlebells allows users to swing the kettlebells during a workout, making them an ideal and flexible companion for workouts, like the ever-popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT), that target cardio as well as strength training. For this same reason, kettlebell workouts can also be a great way to burn calories and fat.

Total body benefit

Because they are off-centered and work larger areas of the body, kettlebell workouts target more than dumbbells, which are literally limited by their shape as far as the range of benefits they can provide. And because of that trademark swing, you can attack your problem areas from multiple directions at once.

The benefits speak for themselves. For more information on designing a kettlebell workout that’s right for you, take stock of your own fitness level and goals or consult a personal trainer or health care provider. Ready to get going on a kettlebell workout? These are the top brands you can purchase today.

Good: Metrixx Elite Precision E-Coat Kettlebell

Billing itself as the gold standard of “hardstyle” kettlebells, the military-grade e-coating finish on these kettlebells provides maximum durability.

The actual design also is thoughtfully made. The handle is created so that it will never “sit” on the wrist bones, resulting in a cleaner, safer lift.

Better: First Place Competition Kettlebells

These solid steel kettlebells come in a range of weights and sizes, with each one constructed to last. These are the kettlebells competitors use!

Although varying weights and sizes are available, each one is the same diameter, which makes it easy to transition to a lighter or heavier version.

Best: CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Weight

If solid construction is top of mind for you, the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Weight is top of the line. As its name suggests, this is elite-quality cast iron, with no weld or seam marks. Its powder-coated finish ensures that your kettlebell is protected over the long run.

The extra-wide handle is generously proportioned, making it perfect for a one- or two-hand grip.

It’s amazing how a small change in equipment can make such a big difference in your daily workout. But a well-made kettlebell can do just that, and can instantly upgrade your home gym into a turbo-charged, total body blast zone.

Arm yourself with any of these three kettlebells for better fitness gains. All of them stood out from the crowd for solid construction, durable finish, ergonomic design, and impressive track records of customer satisfaction.

More versatile than simple dumbbells, kettlebells can deliver cardiovascular benefits as well as build muscle strength. They’re popular and widespread for a reason — and you can find that out for yourself. It’s just one solid investment away.

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