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5 Affordable gifts for the beginner musician

Learning to play an instrument for the first time—or learning to play a brand new instrument, for that matter—is often the beginning of an exciting new creative chapter in anyone’s life. It can also be daunting, which is why every little encouragement from friends and loved ones can go a long way towards igniting creative juices and building confidence.

Encouragement in the form of musical accessories, or even a beginner’s instrument itself, is the kind of supporting gesture any novice musician is bound to appreciate. Below, we’ve selected a few well-priced items that make practical gifts for those just beginning their musical journey. Whether gifted to a colleague, to someone you adore, or even to yourself, these simple finds are sure to have any would-be musician singing their praises.

Motivation and inspiration, of course, arise from a whole range of things. But being inspired enough to embark on a new creative journey—whether as a teenager, young adult, or in mid-life—is always worthy of admiration. Fostering musical creativity in yourself or someone you know—by, for instance, gifting them one of the accessibly priced items, above—can be the difference between a simple dream remaining dormant and a dream finally being realized.

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