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People are raving about these veggie burgers

Veggie burgers have come a long way in the past few years, transforming this meal from a niche option just for vegetarians to a staple on fast food menus nationwide. There are also so many different brands to choose from whether you’re on a fully plant-based diet or scouring a new dinner item for your next Meatless Monday.

There are two main types of plant-based burgers: veggie burgers and non-meat burgers. The latter is made with soy, grains, and legumes to closely simulate the texture and flavor of meat burgers. Both options are vegetarian but there are key differences in the flavor profiles and nutritional values. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite meatless burger brands.

Two veggie burgers with chips
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Beyond Meat Burgers

For those looking for a vegetarian burger that is just like the real thing, Beyond Meat Burgers are a must-try. These gluten and soy-free patties contain 20 grams of protein and are made of mung bean, rice, and pea protein. Reviewers love these burgers, saying they look, taste, and even cook like beef burgers, making converts out of even the most ardent carnivores. This is an excellent option for those who are beginning to transition to a plant-based diet and aren’t quite ready to let go of their old favorites.

Dr. Praeger’s Super Greens Veggie Burgers

Dr. Praeger’s produces a variety of veggie and non-meat burger products, including Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burgers, California Veggie Burgers, Perfect Turk’y Burgers, and Super Greens Veggie Burgers. This high-protein option combines pea protein with six types of super greens to create its unique and delicious flavor. Customers love the veggie-packed flavor, but it’s not the best for people who are looking for the traditional burger taste.

Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger

Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burgers are made from a blend of wheat, vegetables, and soy that is entirely vegan and kosher. Each serving provides 16 grams of protein, and people love this burger’s meat-like texture. Gardein’s burgers are easy to prepare and more affordable than many other non-meat burger brands, so it’s the perfect choice for a family night.

Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger is all the rage these days, and it is certainly worth the hype! These gluten-free burgers are made with soy, potato protein, heme, and oils, and each serving contains 19 grams of protein. The juicy, complex flavor makes it taste and feel just like the real deal, which is why it’s one of the most popular meat-free burgers in the world.

Boca Original Vegan Veggie Burgers

Not every vegetarian burger is made to imitate beef. Instead, products like the Boca Original Vegan Veggie Burger are designed to taste like a turkey burger. It packs in 13 grams of plant protein from its blend of soy protein and wheat and has zero trans-fat.

With so many types of veggie burgers available, you don’t have to worry about settling. Try them all until you find the one you love. Whether you’re looking for the traditional burger taste or you want something with the veggie flavor, the options above are a great place to start. For even more choices, check out the vegan and vegetarian section of your grocery store and explore beyond burgers to try meatless meatballs, sausages, or chicken nuggets.

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