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How to stay warm during this never-ending winter

If you’ve had it with the cold temperatures, you aren’t alone. January always feels like it’s 47 days long, and with the blustery conditions and winter storm warnings still making headlines every week, summer can feel like it’s a million miles away. As long as we all have to trudge through the cold season (for a little while longer, at least), why not stay warm and stylish? We found five must-haves to dress your winter skin when you’re out and about and trying to enjoy the months ahead.

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Staying warm during cold months is essential, not only for your overall health but to give you confidence that when you need or want to be out and about, you won’t find yourself shivering. All these items are must-haves for the winter and are good to keep on hand for anyone who visits who may not be entirely prepared for the cold. At these prices, it doesn’t take a big investment to stay toasty.

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