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This Netflix show will help you get organized

Sometimes, it’s just time to get organized. Maybe you’re ready for some spring cleaning, or perhaps you resolved to de-clutter — on Jan. 1, 2015.

Regardless of your reasoning (or when you committed to de-cluttering), a more organized home can make you feel refreshed and less stressed. Getting started can feel like the biggest chore of all, though. With so much stuff to rifle through, how do you know where to begin? We suggest you commence your organization journey on the couch by watching Netflix.

Yes, really. Stay with us. The streaming service has some of the best organizational shows, perhaps most notably Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. The show dropped in 2019 and started a social media revolution that’s still going strong today. It’s not just full of organizational tips — it also encourages viewers to re-think their relationship with their possessions and find joy in what they own. Here’s why you’ll benefit from watching the show.

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Tidying Up will change your perspective on organization

We often think of cleaning as more of a chore than a hobby. However, Marie Kondo sees it as a joyful process, calling it a “tidying festival.” This is because organizing is an event. To follow her method, clean your space all at once instead of a little at a time.

The approach seems radical and perhaps overwhelming. It requires a significant time and energy commitment. However, as you see in the show, the journey is well worth it once you begin to live a more organized life.

Anyone can do the KonMari method

Homes and families come in various shapes and sizes. Some families are growing, while others are downsizing. In Tidying Up’s eight-episode first season, Kondo visits with a diverse set of families, from homes with toddlers to a widow coping with grief.

It proves that these organization tips and the lifestyle revamp are a good fit for people at any stage of life. Whether you live in a studio apartment or multi-level home, you’ll find inspiration in each episode.

Marie Kondo teaches you to part with things

What may look like clutter to some may actually be an array of meaningful items to you. This fact really hit home in episode four, “Sparking Joy After a Loss.” In the episode, Kondo visited with a grieving widow who lost her husband less than a year prior and kept many of his things in the home. These items were sentimental but no longer serving much of a purpose. With Kondo’s help, she was able to part with many of the possessions while keeping a few for a memory box.

Whatever sentimental tie you have to an item, the bottom line is it once meant something to you. However, if it’s no longer serving you or sparking joy, Kondo teaches you how to part with it in a way that makes breaking up a little easier. She encourages viewers and guests to thank the item for what it did for them before discarding it, softening the emotional blow.

Kondo’s radical approach to tidying up will leave you reframing your own thoughts around de-cluttering. Though it seems overwhelming at first, Kondo showcases a variety of guests on her show from all walks of life, driving home the message that anyone can organize their life; they just need help knowing where to start.

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