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5 great ways to boost the nutrition of your breakfast smoothie

Starting our day with a breakfast smoothie can be one of the best ways to ensure we have the nutrition we need to boost our day. A healthy breakfast can be a daunting task when we are on the go. In a busy schedule, there may not be enough time to create a complicated first meal. But there is no need to go out the door hungry. With a blender and a few simple ingredients, we can make a quick and nutritious breakfast and still make it out the door in time. Here are some great ways to boost the nutrition of a morning smoothie without sacrificing time or flavor, but of course, we will want to check with our healthcare advisor before trying any new supplement.

For flavor, start with some frozen fruit. There are plenty of choices to be had year-round including strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, mango, and more. In addition to the fruit, we will want to have liquid to adjust the thickness. Choosing milk can create a more rich taste, but water is fine, especially when we want to cut calories.  If more sweetness is needed, we can always add in our favorite sweetener.

Now we will need to boost the nutrition.

Beginning the day with a nutritious breakfast has now become much easier with these simple additions to our morning smoothie. With these changes, we can be out the door and on our way without sacrificing that all-important first meal of the day. Also, there is an abundance of variety in what fruit we use to alter the flavor. That way things will never get boring. Fast, easy, nutritious, and tasty makes our morning smoothie is a great start to the day.

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