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5 Charming kitchen items that cost under $20

Sure, pricey state-of-the-art kitchen gadgets and appliances make us drool, but who said cool kitchen stuff has to cost a pretty penny? Good (and good-looking) design doesn’t always require a big investment. Whether you’re in the market for something purely utilitarian or an item to complement your kitchen scheme, there’s no shortage of products available to enhance the cooking, decorating, and entertaining experience—all for the price of a couple of store-bought cappuccinos.

The 5 kitchen products we’ve selected, below, are examples of how smart little finds can add up to big improvements in the kitchen—elevating everything from a morning coffee ritual to a pre-dinner soiree. Best of all, they can all be had for a mere $20 or less!

The kitchen, we know, is an essential part of any home, the central hub for nourishing bodies and minds with food and communion with loved ones. So, creating a well-equipped, inspiring kitchen is a worthwhile goal, and one attainable to even those on a tight budget. A few smartly-designed, affordable products—like the ones selected above—have the power to make even the most mundane kitchen rituals easier and more enjoyable. So, by all means, enjoy!

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