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Great oven mitts to keep your hands comfy in the kitchen

A pair of good oven mitts not only makes your time in the kitchen more enjoyable, but also helps to keep you safe, too. When you choose oven mitts that truly protect you against hot temperatures and that have good grip, you’ll have a steadier hold of your pans and dishes and are less likely to drop hot items. But finding the right pair of oven mitts can take some searching, which is why we’ve highlighted these five quality options. They’re durable, offer a great fit, and are more than up to the task of protecting your hands when you’re in the kitchen.

When buying a pair of oven mitts, think about how you’ll use them and what type of protection you most need. If you’ll just be using them to lift hot plates and dishes, you might find a shorter mitt gives you more agility and freedom of movement. If you’re reaching into ovens or grilling, then a longer mitt with more protection might be a better choice. Make sure that the mitt you choose offers plenty of texture to give you a secure grip, and choose a mitt that’s resistant to high temperatures, since it will keep you more comfortable as you work in the kitchen.

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