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5 eco-friendly wedding gifts that won’t break the bank

Shopping for a present can be tricky, and when you’re looking for a wedding gift, the pressure’s even more intense. Especially when you’re on a budget, it’s easy to draw a blank. Sometimes the new couple will sign up for a registry, but you’re out of luck if everything on the list has either been bought or is out of your budget.

As if it weren’t already a scavenger hunt, shopping for an environmentally-conscious product imposes more limitations on your search. Many companies don’t use eco-friendly processing or packaging techniques, which makes zero-waste gift options a rarity. Still, with a little diligence and Internet searching, you’re sure to find the perfect environmentally-friendly wedding gift for the new family.

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1. Recycled stemless wine glasses

After all the champagne and celebratory drinks, the newlyweds may be in the market for new glassware to kick off their new life, and home, together. These recycled stemless wine glasses from Cost Plus World Market are the perfect addition to any cabinet with their classic look and eco-friendly production process. This 4-pack is made in Mexico from recycled glass, and at only $23.96, you can buy the couple a whole set without breaking the bank.

2. Eco-friendly engraved wooden cheese board

For the couple who loves to snack, a customized wooden cheese board is right up their alley. Each board is made from “a renewable resource of cultivated rubber trees,” so you don’t have to choose between Earth-friendly products and a really great gift. This wooden charcuterie board has a drawer to hold a utensil set and a monogrammed top perfect for serving their favorite meats, cheeses, and veggies.  You can customize up to three lines of text to commemorate their special day, so think carefully! Make sure to order with plenty of time to spare since custom orders always take a bit longer.

3. Reclaimed wood face mask rack

A good facemask is a cornerstone of any skincare routine. Now the bride and groom can display them in style with Uncommon Goods’ rustic wood mask rack. This company builds its handmade decor is built from recycled wood, so this purchase is an easy way to decrease your personal carbon footprint. If neither newlywed is a face mask fiend, don’t worry. This multi-use organizer can also hold keys, hats, pet leashes, and any other odds and ends.

4. Gray and blue modern geometric Leo area rug

One of the most common registry requests is home decor so the new couple can renovate their existing pad or furnish a new one after their nuptials. Consider gifting this eco-friendly Modern Geometric Leo Area Rug. This rug is 4 by 6 feet of pure recycled, handwoven fabric, perfect to accent a hallway, kitchen, or bedroom. The simple structured design is just dramatic enough to catch your eye, but not too busy that it takes away from the essence of any room. This gorgeous rug will fit nicely in any eco-friendly couple’s home.

5. Growlight frame shelf

Any couple with green thumbs will be thrilled to bring their gardening indoors. This ultra-sleek, modern frame is actually a shelf with a hidden grow light, so plants will get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and vibrant. It even has an automatic timer that will keep the light on a schedule so plant parents can simply set the timer and enjoy it. Now the happy couple will always think of you when they tend to their beloved plants.

If you’re looking for more ideas for eco-friendly wedding gifts that won’t break the bank, sites like the ones listed here are great places to begin. Search for keywords like “recycled” and “reclaimed” when scrolling online, and don’t forget to find some recyclable wrapping paper to top it all off! Try not to stress too much about finding the perfect present; it’s the thought that counts at the end of the day. When all is said and done, the bride and groom are sure to appreciate how environmentally considerate you were when picking out their wedding gift.

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