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5 of the best places to buy women’s t-shirts

Whether you’re hanging out, working out, or going out, a good t-shirt can be your best friend. Unfortunately, all that versatility comes with a price. Most t-shirts start to wear out after a few trips through the washing machine, so your favorite tee can go from an all-star to a stain-covered rag in a matter of months.

If you find yourself constantly replacing your t-shirts, it’s time to reevaluate the way you shop. By shopping from stores that use quality materials and ethical business practices, you can find good tees that will last a long time to come. Buying clothes that last will save you money in the long run, and keep the environment happy, too.

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Everlane is well-known for making high-quality, classic pieces that are designed to last for years. The company sells a number of basic and trendy t-shirt styles, including ribbed square-neck tops, turtleneck t-shirts, and graphic tees. One of our favorites is the Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee, which comes in a variety of cute colors. Everlane also has a generous 30-day return policy and provides a prepaid shipping label for returns. The business also emphasizes its ethical factory practices and practices complete transparency in regard to its sourcing and production. They use top-quality materials for all of their products and only partner with factories that provide fair wages and safe environments.


If you’ve ever searched for sustainable brands before, you likely already know about Pact. This company uses ethically sourced materials to make their clothing and works with Fair Trade Certified factories to craft all their products. These high-quality Pact t-shirts are available in a number of colors, styles, and are more fairly priced than many of its competitors. Like Everlane, this company also has a fantastic return policy: You have 60 days to send back unwashed clothes, and return shipping is free.


Madewell is mostly known for its great denim, but they make excellent tops, shoes, and accessories, too. Madewell tees are available in a range of simple and stylish designs, but they have a good selection of cute graphic tees, as well. Like all the brands on this list, Madewell also focuses on sustainability, so more than half of its items are made with eco-friendly materials. Customers have a 30-day return window, but if you’re not part of the Madewell Insiders program, you’ll have to pay $7.50 for shipping when returning an online order.

Girlfriend Collective

Say goodbye to fast fashion forever. Girlfriend Collective is the perfect option for sustainable shoppers. The store offers a variety of comfortable basics in a range of colors and styles with inclusive sizing, ranging from XXS to 6XL. Girlfriend Collective’s standout feature is its commitment to sustainable and transparent business practices. Their workout tees, leggings, and sports bras are polyester blends made from recycled plastic bottles. The other t-shirts are made of organic cotton and cupro, a fiber that comes from the cotton industry’s waste. Their factory is also SA8000 certified, which guarantees safe working conditions, fair wages, and no forced or child labor.


If you’re looking for more ways to shop sustainably, check out ThredUp. This is one of the largest secondhand shops on the web where you can find women’s clothing in like-new and used condition (sometimes with the tags still on) from thousands of everyday and designer brands. The site sells secondhand clothes at much lower than the retail value, sometimes up to 90% off. Not only is thrift shopping a great way to save money, but it’s also better for the environment. According to ThredUp, “shopping secondhand displaces the need for new clothing production and diverts items from landfills. Buying one used item reduces its carbon, waste, and water footprints by 82%.”

Though t-shirts may be a wardrobe basic, finding a quality tee can still be a challenge. You want to look for brands that use top-quality materials and manufacturing methods to guarantee you’ll be purchasing excellent clothes that are made to last. By shopping from these stores, you can easily find high-quality, comfortable tees for any occasion.

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