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5 high-quality t-shirts that won’t fall apart

While they may not be the most exciting thing in your closet, t-shirts are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. These basic pieces can be dressed up or dressed down, worn for a date night layered under a cute dress, or to the gym with your favorite leggings. But since they get so much use, t-shirts can wear out quickly. With countless wears and multiple rounds of laundry, your favorite t-shirt can become stained, stretched, and threadbare. You need good quality shirts that are built to last. These are five of the best high-quality t-shirts that you can shop for online right now.

Everlane Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee

Everlane makes a lot of great, basic women’s tees, but the Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee is one of our absolute favorites. The shirt has a classic crew neck and falls just above the hips. It’s also made of 100% certified organic cotton. Customers have said that this t-shirt has a comfortable relaxed fit and is soft and light but not see-through. The tee comes in neutral solid colors or fun stripes. It’s available in eight sizes, from XXS to XXXL.

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Hanes Women’s Nano T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a classic. There’s a reason Hanes has been synonymous with t-shirts for years, and with more than 25,000 reviews on Amazon, the Hanes Women’s Nano T-Shirt is no exception. It’s 100% cotton, machine-washable, and available in six sizes. The shirt has a snug and comfortable fit that is true-to-size. You can choose from a range of colors, including basics like white and black and other colors like Kelly green and pink.

Kotn Essential Crews

For environmentally conscious shoppers, Kotn should definitely be on your radar. This company emphasizes ethical business methods, using fair labor practices, traceable materials and production lines, and community collaboration. The Essential Crew tee is made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, so it’s super soft and comfortable. The shirt is available in five colors and six sizes, from XS to XXL.

Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee

The Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee is one of Madewell’s best-selling products, and there’s a good reason, too. This lightweight t-shirt has a lived-in feel, so it’s soft and comfy as soon as you get it off the rack. It features a v neckline and a regular, loose fit. The company also partners with the Better Cotton Initiative, which works with farmers to develop environmentally and economically sustainable practices when they source the cotton. The only drawback is that The Whisper tee is only available in two sizes, “regular” and “plus.” T-shirts aren’t a one, or two, size fits all so check out the site’s measurement chart before purchasing.

Outdoor Voices Ready Set Shortsleeve

If you’re looking for a new go-to workout tee, the Outdoor Voices Ready Set Shortsleeve is an excellent option. This tee is made of polyester, cotton, and spandex, so it’s ultra-soft and moisture-wicking. Customers who have bought this shirt love it, saying they can wear it to the gym or the bar, and it is the ultimate day to night staple. The shirt is available in charcoal, white, navy, purple/orange stripes, and green/beige stripes.

Finding the perfect, everyday t-shirt is easy once you know where to look. There are tees for every occasion and price range. From Hanes to Madewell, you can’t go wrong with any one of these great, high-quality t-shirts.

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