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Gift ideas for a new homeowner

A new home is a huge event in a person’s life. When a friend or family member takes that joyful plunge into owning their own abode, a celebration is certainly in order. The right housewarming gift can be an enormous help as your loved one sets up their new home, and communicates your warm wishes for them. These five thoughtfully-selected items, which include stylish lighting fixtures, cozy storage solutions, and a state-of-the-art vacuum, will check every possible box on their list. These practical and high-quality gifts will help take some of the stress off of their shoulders and showing your support, while also knocking their socks off.

Any of these excellent housewarming items will bring a delighted smile to new nester’s faces. Some of the best-loved gifts are both unexpected and practical. A glamorous yet versatile lighting fixture helps get the ball rolling on making their new home truly their own. An energy-saving ceiling fan, once installed, makes unpacking a literal breeze. Show that you’ve helpfully anticipated the busy new owners’ needs with a heavy-duty cordless vacuum with a serious reach. They may be in serious need of new furnishings and seating, so lend a hand with an extra large modern basket that goes anywhere and holds practically anything, as well as an updated ergonomic office chair. Whatever options you choose, you can rest assured these above-and-beyond gifts will keep on giving.

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