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Gear to help you work out anywhere

It can be hard to fit a workout into your busy life, but you don’t have to be at the gym or use your equipment at home to get in some exercise. You don’t need a lot of equipment, especially when you can find something portable that can go anywhere with you.

Whether you are taking 10 minutes behind closed doors at the office, stopping at a park in between errands or having to take time out while you travel, these pieces of equipment can help you build your strength and move your body even when you are busy and can’t be in your usual workout location.

There are days when getting in exercise seems impossible, especially if you are used to being able to go to the gym and use their equipment. But with these portable pieces of equipment, it’s easier to find a spot for an exercise routine you can enjoy even in the midst of a busy day. This gear can be used on multiple surfaces and in many different types of workouts, depending on where your day takes you.

These items will fit easily in your trunk — and some can even fit in your briefcase or suitcase if you are traveling. They take away the excuses and ensure that you can build muscle and strength and improve your wellness on the go.

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Even city slickers will go wild for this outdoor gear
Three women camp outside of a tent

Escaping city life for the great outdoors is easier than ever, thanks to innovative outdoor gear that can make a walk on the wild side an exciting experience even for die-hard urbanites. Nothing ruins a jaunt into the country like being uncomfortable and unprepared for the rigors of a hike, bike ride, or camping trip—so being properly equipped with appropriate outdoor gear can be the difference between an inspiring, invigorating reprieve, and a tiresome, frustrating one.

The innovative tools and equipment we've selected here are examples of how a few smartly chosen outdoor products are well worth investing in, even if they're only going to be used a few times a year. Whether planning on a single summer camping trip or regular weekend escapes, the key to gearing up for an adventure, is, well, the right gear.

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Incontinence is not the end and you are not alone
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Millions of people suffer illness and injuries which result in temporary or permanent incontinence issues. This can be a struggle for the patients and their families but, fortunately, there are many products available to make the transition and recovery easier. Waterproof mattress protectors are easy to find and common. But, less common are some other products that are mentioned here that will, hopefully, help to acknowledge how normal a problem incontinence is and that no one who suffers from it should ever be ashamed.

But, sometimes you might not need so many liners. For instance, if you have a relative visiting for a single night. In that case, you can purchase a single liner.

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5 products to keep kids busy while you sneak in your workout
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Fitting in a workout can be very difficult. With working, meal preparation, watching kids, and everything else you have to do, it may fall by the wayside. Getting in a workout is very important for your health and wellness, but it can prove to be impossible when you have kids demanding your attention anytime that you try. The fact is though that you will feel better if you do take the time to workout.

Now, you just have to figure out the how of working out. If you have kids at home, especially young ones, they can be really distracting when you try to workout. Some different activity products can be really helpful when you are trying to distract them so you can get something done. Check these out for some great ideas, so you can sneak in your workout and whatever else that you need to get done.

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