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5 fun housewarming gifts for the person who has everything

If you have a friend or family member moving into a new house, you don’t want to show up for the first time empty-handed. It can be hard to find a gift if they seem to be a person that has everything or it’s the first time you’re visiting their home and aren’t sure of their style. Of course, flowers or a bottle of wine are always welcome, but why not surprise them with something out of the ordinary, something they will look at and remember who gave this most perfect housewarming gift to them. Here are five ideas that will have you standing out from the pack.

We promise the new homeowner will love these gifts. They aren’t traditional housewarming gifts, making them even more fun and memorable. You’ll be the talk of their next gathering for taking the time and thought to buy something truly unique for their new home. With prices like these, you can pick up one for yourself while you’re at it!

Julie Scagell
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5 great gifts for the tea lover in your life
woman holding tea cup

Maybe you have a mom who just loves a good cuppa. Maybe your partner always curls up with a fresh cup of tea in the evenings to unwind. Maybe it’s you who loves all things tea, tea, tea. Whoever it is, they’re going to love these gift-worthy items that are all about the herbal good stuff. Even better, they’re all on the affordable side, so you can give an impressive gift (or treat yourself) without breaking the bank, whether you’re looking for something sensible, like a new tea kettle, or something a little more luxurious, like a traditional matcha set. 

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or for yourself, these tea accessories are must-haves for anyone who calls themselves a true tea drinker. All are capable of upgrading the tea-drinking experience in a fun, new way, whether you’re watching your tea bloom before your eyes or planting an array of herbs in hopes of making your own tea blend after they grow. So what are you waiting for? These tea-lightful products won’t be around for long. 

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5 backyard games for family fun
closeup of feet running outdoors

Family fun night can add to the wellness of parents and kids. It can increase familial bonds and improve everyone's mental well-being. If you incorporate some fun outdoor games in the mix, the benefits can multiply with the clean air and physical activity.

From a game of Checkers to a little rock climbing, parents and kids can do a lot together, which can motivate the little ones to take a break from the video games and get the moms and dads to break a little bit of a sweat. These products can give the opportunity for that time together that ends in lots of happy memories and wellness habits that last for years.

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Push your comfort zone with these 5 activities
Woman running outdoors

Indulging in favorite exercise routines—swimming, running, yoga, Pilates—is the optimal way to ensure that staying active and keeping fit remains a joy, not a chore. Still, extending the boundaries of your exercise comfort zone by engaging in activities that may not come naturally can provide its own benefits to both body and mind.

An aversion to firearms, for instance, shouldn't be an obstacle to a friendly game of 'toy' gun shooting and improved head-eye coordination. A secret desire to sing, but no formal voice training, shouldn't prevent a splurge on a professional-grade microphone. The products we've selected, below, illustrate that trying something new doesn't have to be an unrealistic goal or expensive commitment; it only requires the desire to push against accepted parameters—and, ultimately, deepen the lived experience.

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