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5 breast petals that put the fun in functional

Breast petals are a must-have item for many who want to go sans-bra but still have nipple coverage in thin tank tops, dresses, or swimwear. They are a lifesaver for garments that would show a bra line, and are often more comfortable than trying to wrangle yourself into a strapless bra. Breast petals (also called pasties) are usually made from some sort of adhesive silicone that can be put on and removed with relative ease. Many are reusable and washable, so you can get the most from your purchase. While they’re often meant to stay hidden, there are petals that are a fashion statement all on their own.

If you’re looking for something fun or to surprise that special someone after the night’s over, check out these great petals that put the “fun” in functional.

Breast petals are endlessly useful for outfits that don’t cover a standard bra strap or if you aren’t into the feeling of a strapless bra. The bonus with this selection is they’re also fun to show off when you feel like it. And if you’re going to invest in pasties, why not have a little fun? Even if no one but you sees them but you, you have the confidence in knowing you’re styled from head to toe!

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