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Self-pampering on a budget: Dreamy comforters under $50

To be sure, a spot of self-pampering does the body (and mind) good, but living beyond one’s means seldom does. Fortunately, little luxuries don’t necessarily have to mean impulsive spending—especially when the luxury of a good night’s sleep is at stake. We know that better sleep yields a better quality of life, both at home and at work, so investing—wisely—on the things that foster good sleep is a worthwhile goal.

Below, we’ve selected 5 accessibly-priced comforters that promise a restful night’s sleep, without breaking the budget. Ranging in size from modest to oversized, lightweight to extra toasty, these comforters share one key element: they’re priced so well that even those on a tight budget will feel their pampering effects.

Losing sleep is detrimental to overall wellbeing, and losing sleep over a blown monthly budget is never to be recommended. What is recommended for the budget-conscious is spending wisely on the things that pay the most dividends—and few things pay as many dividends as a restful night that leaves you refreshed and revitalized for a new day. If improving your nighttime ritual is as simple as switching out your current bedding ensemble, one of the comforters featured above may very well get you closer to a heavenly night’s sleep—at a very down-to-earth price.

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