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Choose classic toys to keep kids engaged for years

We’ve all seen plenty of kids’ playrooms, chock-full of big, brightly-colored plastic with the power to light up little faces like magic—until the next big, brightly-colored thing comes along. Keeping kids’ hands and minds actively engaged demands considerable time, effort and thought towards, among other things, sourcing toys and games that bring enduring joy to growing children.

Classic toys and games that have easily withstood the test of time (and trends)—building blocks, train sets, board games—are always a smart investment. Keep children of all ages alert and entertained with durable alternatives to cheap throwaway toys, each designed to challenge developing brains and to let imaginations soar.

We know it’s not always easy to resist fads, and the temptation to buy kids—yours or anyone else’s—the most popular playthings, whether affordable or pricey, is an ever-present reality. But consider also purchasing the kinds of toys and games that have universal appeal to kids of all ages, and—as illustrated in the 5 kids’ toys featured above—have managed to outlast both fashion and trends for very good reasons. The kids who engage with them, we’re quite sure, will only thank you.

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