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5 useful tips for banishing lines and wrinkles from your face

As we grow older, we begin to notice the small creases by our eyes and mouth. Whether we like it or not, wrinkles are an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t banish the lines and creases from our faces!

With the proper understanding and foresight, it’s possible to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on our skin. So, if you’re looking for ways to combat these skin blemishes, then you’re in the right place. Below are some of our best tips for eliminating wrinkles from showing up on your skin.

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What causes lines and wrinkles?

Several factors can cause lines and wrinkles to appear on your face. Some causes are preventable, while others may require additional know-how to help decrease the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.


Aging is the most popular culprit of wrinkles and lines on your face. Our skin loses its elasticity and collagen as we age, causing the skin to thin and form creases. Wrinkles resulting from aging are created through a natural process, but with recent advances in dermatology and skincare, there are ways to lessen the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Sun exposure

Have you ever noticed that wrinkles are most prominent on the face, neck, and hands? This is because skin that is highly exposed to the sun is more likely to wrinkle. UV light produced by the sun can damage the natural proteins elastin and collagen in your skin. Once damaged, the skin loses its flexibility and strength, causing lines and wrinkles.

Premature aging from smoking

While smoking can have several harmful effects on the body, none is more noticeable and preventable than signs of premature aging. Studies have proven that smoking can hinder the natural process of collagen in the skin. Furthermore, it’s been shown that nicotine constricts blood vessels, preventing the necessary amounts of oxygen from reaching the cells. This results in skin cells dying, causing your skin to appear wrinkled and aged.

How to reduce lines and wrinkles

There are plenty of ways to reduce lines and wrinkles if you’re ready to take action. Below are some of our best tips to help you combat these creases.

Wear sunscreen when you go outside

While sun damage is most noticeable on fair skin, everyone is at risk of harmful UV light when going outside. To protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, it’s recommended that you apply a layer of sunscreen on your exposed skin before going out. Dermatologists and experts recommend a sunscreen with a strength of at least SPF 30 to help combat damage inflicted by the harmful UV rays.

Stay hydrated

A leading factor for fine lines and wrinkles on the skin is dehydration. Without the proper amount of water, your skin cells will shrivel and dry up. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you are drinking an appropriate amount of water each day. Recent studies recommend that men drink thirteen cups of water a day and women should drink nine.

When you exercise, you may need to increase your water intake. By staying hydrated, you will prevent signs of premature aging in your skin.

Try out a line correcting serum

Wrinkle serums have become quite popular in recent years. They help eliminate the appearance of wrinkles on the skin in weeks, allowing many men and women to look and feel young and healthy. One reason correcting serums work so well is that they are clinically produced with peptides and other skin-repairing ingredients that banish wrinkles and lines.

No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum is one of the best anti-wrinkle serums for effectiveness and speed. From their studies, women who targeted some of the most common areas of wrinkle formation saw a visible reduction in only two weeks. This high-end serum is on sale for $27.98 at Walmart, making it one of the most affordable serums with outstanding quality. If you’re looking for a simple solution to help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging on your skin, a line correcting serum is a fantastic choice. Of course, Walmart’s Deals for Days sale ends tomorrow, so check this deal out soon.

Reduce stress when you can

While the correlation between stress and wrinkles is still in debate, we can’t ignore that the adverse effects of stress may lead to premature aging. When people are stressed, they often sleep less, stop following a healthy diet, exercise less often, and drink fewer fluids. These factors can prevent the skin from receiving the nutrients and water it needs to maintain its elasticity.

When you reduce stress, you can begin focusing on implementing a healthier lifestyle and, in turn, will often have a healthier appearance with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Banishing wrinkles and lines from your face requires some foresight, but knowing how to prevent premature aging on your skin can help you lead a healthier life. Remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated to combat skin blemishes. To protect your skin further, you can also look into anti-wrinkle serums like No7. These serums are great for reducing already visible wrinkles and for guarding against future lines and creases.

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