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The best shoe insoles of 2024

best shoe insole
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Wearing shoe insoles can improve comfort, support, and alignment. They’re a great investment for everyone, from athletes and those with foot conditions to people simply seeking extra comfort while on their feet. The added layer of cushioning can alleviate pressure points, reduce fatigue, and provide adequate arch support for cozy, all-day wear.

To help you find the right design for your needs, we’ve reviewed the best shoe insoles available in 2024. The PowerStep insoles stood out for their premium, dual-layer cushioning, but our reviews and buying guide will help you pinpoint the right selection for your unique lifestyle.

The best shoe insoles

powerstep shoe insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Work shoe insole – Best overall

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The Powerstep Pinnacle Work shoe insole is a game-changer in the world of comfort and support for your feet. These insoles are designed to provide you with the ultimate solution for tired and aching feet. With these shoe insoles, you can step through your day with renewed energy and vigor. The hallmark of these insoles is their exceptional arch support.

The dual-layer cushioning system of these insoles features a plush EVA foam top layer. It cradles your feet in a gentle embrace while reducing fatigue and providing all-day comfort. Available in various sizes, these insoles are also trimmable, meaning they can be modified to fit a wide range of shoe types. These adaptable insoles are the epitome of an ergonomic and personalized fit. They prioritize your well-being and turn every shoe into a sanctuary of comfortable support, making them our top choice.

Key Features

  • Provides all-day foot comfort
  • Reduces work-related fatigue
  • Features premium dual-layer cushion
currex shoe insoles

Currex RunPro shoe insole – Best longevity

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What sets these shoe insoles apart is their anatomic flexible support. They offer you just the right level of rigidity, and the 3D dynamic arch delivers anatomic support, effective stability, and less fatigue.

If you’re dealing with injuries and pain caused by plantar fasciitis or other common foot problems, these shoe insoles are designed to provide you with much-needed relief. They are ideal for runners and even casual walkers and are compatible with shoes with or without removable liners – simply size up half a shoe size if no liner is present.

Key Features

  • Customizable shape, arch height, and flex
  • Moisture-wicking midlayer with charcoal
  • PORON heel for shock absorption
powerstep shoe insole

Powerstep Pinnacle Blue shoe insole – Best for moderate activity

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For the best insoles for moderate and high activity support, the Powerstep Pinnacle Blue shoe insoles are an ideal choice. These insoles are designed to alleviate pain for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and other inflammatory conditions. Their neutral arch support provides support for your foot and heel, enabling you to stand or walk for long periods of time and engage in vigorous activity.

These insoles are made with four layers of support, including an EVA foam base and top layer, a neutral arch support and heel cradle, a semi-rigid support shell for flexibility and increased comfort, and a top fabric that wicks away perspiration and reduces heat and friction. They’re perfect for working, exercising, or doing daily tasks and fit most shoes without the need for additional trimming.

Key Features

  • Designed for daily comfort and stability
  • Full-length arch support insoles
  • Podiatrist-recommended for pain relief
pedag shoe insoles

Pedag shoe insole – Simple design

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Step into discreet comfort with this No Show Socks & Sockless Liner combo. Crafted for a seamless experience, these ultra-thin, low-cut sockless liners boast slip-resistant silicone grip, ensuring your every step is confident and stable. Embrace breathability as these liners keep your feet cool and dry, making them the perfect companion for loafers, boat shoes, or slip-ons. Bid farewell to sweat-related discoloration and damage.

The Pedag summer insoles take foot freshness to the next level. Engineered for breathability, they absorb sweat and combat odor, providing a sanctuary for your feet. Ideal for various footwear, these insoles are a must-have for maintaining the longevity of your shoes. Plus, they’re washable, so you can treat them like socks—hand wash with a gentle detergent and let them air dry for daily freshness. This simple routine not only keeps your feet feeling fresh but also extends the life of the insoles.

Key Features

  • Made of pure cotton terry
  • Conveniently hand-washable
  • Latex provides a cushion
  • Available in white and black colors
soul insole shoe insole

Soul Insole shoe insole – Most variety

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If you often suffer from back, foot, or generalized body pain, the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble orthotic insole is a product you don’t want to pass on. It features a soft medical-grade memory construction with medium / high arch support to align your feet properly. It soothes and relaxes your arches to take the pressure off your lower back and legs.

You can use the pair to address a variety of foot conditions like heel pain, fat pad atrophy, plantar fasciitis, and metatarsalgia amongst others. Plus, the insoles are available in different sizes and two color options.

Key Features

  • Made of soft memory gel
  • Works with every type of footwear
  • Biomechanical design guides the foot into proper positioning
dr.scholl's shoe insole

Dr. Scholl’s shoe insole – Most comfortable

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Yes, all shoe insoles are designed to make you comfortable. However, Dr. Scholl’s shoe insoles take foot comfort to another level. The pair comes with massaging gel technology and extra cushioning that provides unparalleled shock absorption to keep you comfortable all day.

This insole supports the arch of the foot to ensure you can take each step with more confidence, even on the roughest surface. You can pair the insoles with sneakers, casual shoes, and work boots.

Key Features

  • Made of rubber
  • Heel features a rippling wave
  • Forefoot has extra cushioning
  • Cooling vents keep the feet dry
walk hero shoe insole

Walk·Hero shoe insole – Most versatile

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The Walk Hero shoe insole is a quality insole you don’t want to miss out on. This insoles’ unrivaled versatility means you can pair them with any type of shoes without any issue. It provides moderate support and control for hiking and other activities as it is made of shock-absorbing EVA material that reduces foot fatigue.

The insoles also feature deep heel cuppings that stabilize the feet to prevent problems from supination and overpronation.

Key Features

  • Made with EVA material
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Top fabric reduces friction
  • 7mm arch support reduces knee stress
superfeet shoe insole

Superfeet shoe insole – Most heavy-duty

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When the rigor of your tasking activities starts to take its toll on your feet, it’s time to buy the Superfeet shoe insoles. These insoles each have a layer of high-density foam that cushion and support the feet. Heat may make the feet sweat, but the organic odor control of these insoles will eliminate all odor-causing bacteria.

The insoles’ deep heel cups are purposely sculpted for pain relief and comfort. The four stabilizer caps scattered around the base also provide extra support.

Key Features

  • Free of latex
  • NXT anti-bacteria coating keeps odor away
  • Fabric top minimizes shifting
  • Has a high arch
sof sole shoe insole

Sof Sole shoe insole – Moisture-wicking

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The Sof Sole shoe insole takes your athletic performance up a notch. It is designed to improve the comfort and fit of athletic and casual shoes. Fortunately, its arch design is suited to most foot types.

You can now stay in your shoes for longer periods without worrying about sweat and foul smell because the hydrologix moisture-wicking treatment keeps the feet dry always. The gel pads in the heel and forefoot offer more comfort without feeling too bulky.

Key Features

  • Has a neutral arch
  • Available in five sizes
  • Top cover treatment eliminates odor-causing bacteria
  • Available in orange and blue colors

best shoe insoles

Buyer’s guide: shoe insoles

Once you’ve sorted through the various types of shoe insoles available, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type. This guide will show you what to keep in mind while you shop, ensuring you get the most comfort from your selection.

Why use shoe insoles?

Shoe insoles serve different purposes. Let’s walk you through some of them, with a pair of quality shoe insoles, of course.

Better fit

Not everyone uses insoles to reduce or prevent pain. Some use them to make their shoes fit better. No matter how hard you try, it’s just near impossible to find certain shoe sizes. A pair of insoles could fill up the excess space and make an oversized pair of shoes fit better.

Controlling overpronation and supination

These two conditions are among the most common reasons people use shoe insoles. Overpronation is a situation where the foot rolls inward excessively during movement. Supination is the opposite as it causes the foot to roll outward excessively. The good thing is that insoles can correct these two conditions.


Bunion is a condition that affects the little toe and the big toe. It causes a painful bony bump on the joint of these two toes. With a quality pair of gel or orthotic insoles, you can prevent the pain. The insoles will lift the feet and pull them back into the shoes to relieve the pain.

What are the types of shoe insoles?

There are three main types of insoles for shoes – rigid support, semi-rigid support, and flat support.

Rigid support

These insoles provide full arch support and are often recommended for people treating excessive pronation. They are usually molded, or 3D printed. Rigid support insoles are not really common. The few ones you’ll find are often custom-made.

Semi-rigid support

This type of insole is a middle ground between soft support and rigid support – they are neither too soft nor too rigid. They are quite common among sportsmen.

Soft support

These insoles’ primary function is to ease foot pressure by targeting specific pressure points on the feet. They are typically gel or foam-based and lightweight.

How do I choose the right insoles?

Know your arch

Insoles are used with shoes, and it is no surprise that they are not a one-size-fits-all product. You might not have noticed, but individuals have different foot arches, and knowing this is the first step towards selecting the right insoles for your shoes. There are three types of foot arches – low arch, medium arch, and high arch

A flat arch is when the middle of the foot is almost filled. The arch is almost negligible. It may seem like you have no arch from afar. Pronation is the most common foot issue individuals with this arch have. The best insoles for this type of arch are insoles that support the arch and stabilize the heel.

In a medium arch, the mid-foot is only half-filled. The arch looks a bit balanced. Contoured insoles that offer weight support are best-suited to this arch type.

A high-arched foot has a midfoot arch that almost looks like the letter C. Individuals with this arch hardly leave any footprint on the ground when walking barefooted. This type of arch leaves one prone to conditions like ankle instability and ankle sprain. The best insoles for high arched feet are those that offer full support for the entire arch. The best insoles for this type of arch are insoles that support the arch and stabilize the heel. It is also good to select insoles with pronounced heel cups for this type of arch.

Shoe size

After identifying your foot arch, the next thing you need to consider is your shoe size. All the hard work of determining our foot arch may amount to nothing if you don’t pick the right size. Luckily, manufacturers are now making insoles in different sizes to fit different foot sizes.

A rule of thumb is to always pick insoles bigger than your shoes. This puts you on the safer side as you can easily trim it down to your size. There is no way to make small insoles fit bigger shoes.


Since insoles are usually worn for the comfort they offer, the material used to make them matters too. Your insole material options are not limited. Foam, gel, leather, and cork are the most widely used insole materials.

Although all four materials offer varying levels of cushion, foam is your best bet if the cushion is all that matters to you. It also relieves pressure and offers good support.

Cork insoles perform well in terms of support and cushioning. Leather insoles may not offer as much cushioning as the two materials already mentioned. However, they offer an unmatched feel when worn with thin socks. Gel insoles are your go-to insoles if you prioritize shock absorption.

Ultimately, we expect that your needs and preferences will influence your choice of insole material.

Moisture-wicking properties

Shoes are synonymous with heat, and there’s really little you can do about it. However, a good pair of insoles could give you a fighting chance. You’ll find many insoles that absorb sweat and keep the feet dry. Another perk you should consider is if the insoles have an anti-bacteria coating to eliminate foul odors.

Shoe insole care tips

The fact that they live in the darkest corners of your shoes does not mean you shouldn’t take care of your insoles. Take a look at these time-tested tips for caring for your shoe insoles.

Air out the insoles

Airing your insoles can make quite a difference, especially if you have sweaty feet. By airing the insole, you can rid the insole of sweat and prevent odor build-up

Wash the insoles

There’s no harm in using a mild detergent to wash the insoles occasionally. As long as you ensure they are properly dried before reinserting, you’re good to go.

Check for damage

The insoles will not write a letter to you when they start to cave in. This is why it is important to regularly check them to make sure they are still in good condition.

How much do shoe insoles cost?

Shoe insoles do not cost a fraction of the price of your shoes. You can buy insoles for less than $10, and some cost more than $40. The price depends on the level of protection the insoles provide.

Common questions about shoe insoles

Can I put insoles on top of insoles?

No, In most cases, people buy new insoles to replace the existing ones. Therefore, it is not common to find people stacking up insoles inside the shoes.

What is the difference between shoe insoles and shoe inserts?

Although the terms are used interchangeably, there are a few differences between them. Insoles are meant to line the base of the inner part of a shoe, while an insert is an extra layer of support or cushion that sits on top of the insole.

Do shoe insoles make a difference?

Yes, they do. A quality insole could be the difference between a hitch-free movement and a movement filled with pain. They help in managing different foot problems and help with overall posture too.

How long do insoles last?

It all depends on how often you use them. A pair of insoles used regularly would last between four to seven months. This duration significantly increases if they aren’t used regularly.

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