8 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually

If you don’t believe Valentine’s Day is a scam created by the candy companies, then you are hard core preparing how you are going to spend it with your partner. You may have to think a bit outside the box though if you and your partner can’t spend some quality time in person.

We have all become experts at Zoom and FaceTime. We’ve had to get creative. You can do this! We are here to give you some virtual ways to still spend the evening together even if you’re apart.

FaceTime dinner

We know this might sound like the same old thing you’ve been doing this whole time. That’s not what we are talking about. Think Ted and Alexis a la Schitt’s Creek. Dress up fancy as heck. Rose petals on the table. Mood lighting. If you can’t each go to a restaurant, that’s fine. Make your kitchen or wherever you are going to eat breathtaking. Set the mood. Create the perfect Valentine’s day dinner even though you’re apart.

Even if “your place” is some fast-food greaser hole-in-the-wall. Get it to go. But make sure everything else is elegant and thought out. You only have to spruce up one tiny part of your house — you don’t even need to clean the bathroom.

meal prepped out to make
Roman Odintsov

Cook together

If you are one of those couples that doesn’t want to strangle each other trying to do something together, then cook together. Apart. Each of you order the same food meal kit. Set up your FaceTime, set up your ingredients, and get your wine ready.

Cook your meal step by step together and then show each other the finished product. Grade who had the better presentation and who made the smaller mess.

Take each other on a virtual shopping date

You can do this one a few different ways. If you have shops open by you, then take your sweetie to their favorite store and have them pick something out for you to send them. Or bring them to your favorite store and tell them what they are going to buy you. Normally we are against FaceTiming in public, but we will make an exception for these weird times.

The other thing you can do is get on your favorite website and show your partner some gift ideas. (We guess you should let them do the same.) You can finally tell your partner exactly what you want. No pretending you like that awful fragrance.

Have a Mario Kart tournament

Or whatever game you want to play each other online. (We always go for Mario Kart.) If you want a little extra competition, place a bet. Whoever wins gets to pick the next date. Or you could play a more adult version and whoever loses each round has to take a piece of clothing off. Whatever your comfort level is, do that. Make it fun.

Take a hike

This one could be cute if you live in different cities or states and can’t even try to see each other. You can each go to your favorite hiking spot and FaceTime along the way. You could plan a whole picnic. You could go early and watch the sunrise together. You could go late and watch the sunset together. If you love being outdoorsy in normal times, then please go for a beautiful hike together.

couple enjoying a beautiful on a hike
Gabriela Palai

Movie night couple style

You could do the typical date night romantic movie route. You could also do a comedy or a thriller or whatever is your normal style. But make it yours. Get your popcorn, your wine, or whatever else you would have during movie night.

Want to make it interesting? Then do that. If you aren’t the super romantic type, then turn movie night into a fun experience. Make up some rules. Every time someone cries, take a shot. Every time a guy says, “It’s not you, it’s me,” do a dance.

Make it cute, make it fun, make it as interactive as you can. It will feel more like you are actually with each other. It’s about spending time doing something and not just staring at the screen.

TikTok anyone?

If you are all into social media then you have to do this one. Make a cute couple TikTok. Whatever is trending, have a go at that. Or if you are already TikTok famous, make an adorable video together. There are a few Valentine’s Day-themed ones if you want to jump on those. Or just try whatever is trending.

Put that phone in picture mode

Speaking of your phone, here’s an adorable idea. Play dress up. Again, you could take this as light or as intimate as you want. Have a fun themed dress up and see who can come up with the best looks. See who can be the sexiest. See who can nail the exact look as Jess from New Girl (or whatever your go-to binge show is).

Think photo booth at a wedding, but make it yours. The important thing is that you are getting involved, talking, moving around, and having fun with your partner even though it’s through a screen.

No, having a long-distance Valentine’s Day isn’t ideal. Sending each other some flowers or a treat is fine. But if you want to feel like you actually spent the evening with your partner, you are going to have to be a bit more creative. Any of the interactive ideas we gave you will make the most out of being apart.

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